Allison could be in line to replace Newey at Red Bull

James Allison

James Allison

James Allison, the highly-rated Formula One engineer who recently left Lotus, is being linked with a future at Red Bull.

When Briton Allison left Lotus, he was most strongly linked with a move to Ferrari. But Auto Motor und Sport reports that, a month after Allison’s departure from Enstone, it is “still not clear” where he is headed.

Correspondents Michael Schmidt and Bianca Leppert said: “Rumours are increasing that maybe he will go to Red Bull.”

“Those speculating in the paddock believe that Adrian Newey will stop at the end of 2014.

“The design genius often expresses his frustration with the increasingly restricted regulations, and fears that the new turbo era will make F1 an engine formula.”

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  • l

    FIA did everything they can to slow down the RBR since 2010. It is clear competition manipulation, so understandable why Newey would be sticking his middle finger up and saying bye.

    And people rejoicing how the engine will dominate…not with these cheese tyres. And how is the engine dominating any different to aero or tyres dominating.

    There should be a fine balance between all the crafts and not just 1 part dominating. 2014 will be an engine season, so whoever has engine X will be in the title hunt, the rest will be driving for the leftovers. So 2014 could be Mercedes1 Championship season instead of F1 Championship.

  • Richard Piers

    Power units – Good, no, very good.
    Handling & Roadholding – Good.
    Aero – As current – Bad. time to get rid of wings.

  • Poor fingers

    Vettel will cry

  • lol

    @poor fingers: the only ones doing the crying are people like you ;)

    @richard: so if 1 part of the car dominates its good, but only if it is your preferred part?

  • KevinW

    Auto und Sport is wrong so frequently, it classifies as a fiction short story rag. If Allison were moving to Red Bull, there is zero need for Red Bull to hide it.

    The attempts to control the competitive environment has gotten out of control since the day Williams active suspension was made illegal. Since then, the sport has declined to spec racer status with fake passing aides and crappy tires – by design.

    2014 is going to be a fiasco that could tear F1 apart. Teams will fold, others may just quit, competition will be farcical and loyal fans will evaporate. The current path of the FIA is tearing F1 to shreds under the weight of committee manipulation.

  • fools

    So Newey to Ferrari next?

  • Steve

    It seems as if The Powers That Be at the FIA have gotten it into their heads that the greatest evil which can befall F1 is for one team to win a few years in a row, and that they are entitled to rig the sport any way they like in order to stop that from happening.

    They are destroying F1 in their attempt to “save” it. Stop the gimmicks. No more DRS, no more tyres deliberately designed to go bad in a few laps, no more fiddling with the regulations in an effort to handicap some teams and assist others. Let the best team/drivers win, and if that results in Ferrari or Red Bull or Mercedes winning for a few years in a row, then lets all learn to deal with it.

  • Apex Assassin

    Lol this article is a joke.

  • Andy

    Lol, people have been saying get rid of wings since 1991.