Ecclestone: The problem is if I’m incarcerated…

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Long time Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone does not believe that looming bribery charges will  immediately threaten his position at the helm of the sport.

It has been claimed that when German prosecutors formalise the charges against the F1 chief executive, relating to the Gerhard Gribkowsky affair, the sport’s owners CVC might depose him.

However, FIA president Jean Todt said last week: “He [Ecclestone] has every right to his job and he does it very well. He is also employed by CVC, so it is their decision.”

Nonetheless, with Ecclestone not having a deputy who could immediately step in to replace him, some names have been floating around the paddock in recent weeks.

One of them was Justin King, UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s current chief, but Ecclestone told the Bloomberg news agency that  he had rejected King.

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

“The people they had wanted, if they had come on board, they would have wanted to be the stars,” the 82-year-old said.

Ecclestone, however, said he was open to working alongside a deputy.

“If someone comes up who I think could do a good job, let’s have him on board,” he said. “Lots of people have been suggested but I don’t think they are the sort of people who could do the things I do.”

But he insisted that a mere corruption charge is no danger to his job.

“[CVC] are not worried with me being indicted, the problem is if I’m incarcerated,” said Ecclestone said. “They’re quite laid-back. They’re not panicking.”

But at the same time, plans to float F1 on the stock market are on the back-burner, until the legal troubles in Germany are resolved.

“It would be silly to go into the market, you don’t want any single [outstanding] question”, Ecclestone admitted.

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  • Hawk

    that leg!

  • Apex Assassin

    If Bernie could somehow be arrested along with CVC and the FIA we might be onto something…

  • Richard Piers

    Maybe things are looking promising.
    Enough is enough ” who will rid us of this turbulent ………”
    Change is desperately needed, no more circus !

  • WTF? F1

    Jean Todt said last week: “He has every right to his job and he does it very well.” Crikey which fans of F1 would believe that? not too many IMHO , Both Jean and Bernie should take a good hard look at themselves & FIA to the see the turmoil , uneven stewards decisions , the lack of proper testing for every aspect of the F1 cars, tyres, aero . How stupid is it when some teams are spending $300- $400M per year then they are not allowed to properly test or even have the right tyres for these magnificent machines to race hard, sure tyres have always had to be managed in racing been but the FIA and Pirelli have gone way too far, on top of that even the drivers themselves moving up to F1 from lower divisions of racing have very little time behind the wheel of a F1 car before racing. Bernie you have been great for F1 but your time is up , your a crooked little man and it would not surprise me if you are jailed.

  • John H

    Everyone loves to hate Bernie but he is a genius on SO many levels and made F1 what it is. Remember these words. When Bernie is gone F1 will devolve into another Cart debacle and we all will long for the old days. Again.

  • Ju

    People who hate on Bernie are clueless about what he has done for F1. Without Bernie, most of you would never have heard of F1 but watching Nascar.

    And, most of the bad regulations that are in F1 now and have been in the past, were brought in by the FIA, not Bernie. Bernie is not the FIA, he cannot change or introduce regulations. Bernie is boss over the commercial and promotional side of F1. Not the regulations concerning the cars, racing, tracks, etc.

    So when Bernie leaves, we will still have those silly regulations because of the FIA.

  • BobMendon

    “The problem is if I’m incarcerated…” You think Bernie?!