Susie Wolff F1 ambitions inspired by pint sized Vettel

Susie Wolff with husband Toto

Susie Wolff with husband Toto

Susie Wolff has cited Sebastian Vettel’s physique as an example of how women could compete head-to-head in Formula One against men.

Wolff, Williams‘ test driver who has applied for the mandatory super licence enabling her to contest grands prix, is pushing hard to become the first woman in two decades to attempt to race in F1.

Critics, however, often cite women’s inferior physical strength as an obstacle, even though Wolff has conducted F1 aerodynamic tests, and raced in the DTM touring car series and junior single seater categories.

Wolff, 30, told the Observer newspaper: “Look at the size of Sebastian Vettel. Do you see a big, muscular guy?”

“I know [that] women have 30 % less muscle than men. And in DTM I had to train harder. But I was karting from such a young age that, year on year, my body was getting stronger in the right places.”

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  • Yes_You_Can

    Of course you can Susie. At least you will be better than some terrible drivers (Grosjean…).

  • Richard Piers

    Haven’t heard from you for a while.
    Think you should go away and win some races in competitive formulae.

  • KevinW

    Her career thus far is not inspiring. Nothing she has done to date indicates she is F1 caliber on any level. If she were male, there would be zero mention of her – there are hundreds of drivers more capable than here that we hear nothing of. If she were not Wolff’s wife, she would not warrant any press attention at all, as there are dozens of female drivers who are never mentioned – ever. The idea being out forth that she has the potential to be an F1 driver is beyond absurd – not matter how cute she is. Any attempt to put her in a car would be tokenism at the extreme – and nothing more.

  • Donna

    There are far smaller drivers than Vettel.

  • Steve

    Her main claim to fame is being married to Toto Wolff, who happens to be a major shareholder in Williams, which happens to be the team which employs Susie as a test driver. But I’m sure this is all just a strange coincidence!

  • McLarenfan

    Susie Wolff is worthy of a shot she is a better driver than some and deserves a chance over some who are getting a shot cash wise but I also agree that there are drivers a lot more worthy who are never given the chance because of the likes of Crash/Cash-danardo and Remains-Grosjean.