Mercedes should ban Hamilton’s dog says Watson

Lewis Hamilton walks Roscoe in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton walks Roscoe in Monaco

Mercedes should ban Lewis Hamilton’s dog Roscoe from the paddock, according to ex Formula One driver John Watson.

While the 2008 world champion insists that he is merely enjoying his new freedoms after quitting McLaren, driver-turned-pundit Watson is making the link between Hamilton’s lifestyle and his current struggles to best teammate Nico Rosberg.

“There is no place for a dog in the F1 paddock,” 67-year-old Watson told the Daily Express.

“For one thing, it is not fair on the animal. It [also] shows that Mercedes is bending over too far to please Lewis. There is absolutely no way McLaren would have allowed it.

“Lewis has to decide if he wants to be an F1 driver or a hip-hop star.

“He went to Mercedes with the reputation of being the man who would get the job done. But it is just not happening for him at the minute and he needs to start working out why,” he added.

On the other side of the coin, however, Monaco winner Rosberg’s top form is winning praise up and down the paddock.

“For me, the way Nico has Lewis under control is the surprise of the season,” Manfred Zimmermann, who is Adrian Sutil’s manager, told Germany’s Auto Bild.

“It also shows that Michael Schumacher was not so bad in his last three years,” he added.

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  • Not Bernie

    I think McLaren put up with a lot to keep Hamilton. The rappers, the airhead girlfriend. McLaren were right to let him go with the exception that they didn’t have a decent driver to replace him with.

    I always found it rather telling when Hamilton did something stupid in one race, then had all his perks removed for the next. Without all the distractions his performance was sublime. It’s really frustrating knowing that he’s got such driving talent, yet we don’t see it that often because he’s off courting all his bling bling pals.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Bernie Ecclestone should ban this pig Watson..

  • McLarenfan

    John Watson should realize that Lewis is calm and his head is in the right place the dog keeps him in his “Happy Bubble”. It has been proven that a lot of Lewis’s problems are the same thing he had a slight problem with once or twice with McLaren BRAKES, the car he is driving has been built around Nico not Lewis. John Watson has won 5 F1 races Lewis has won 21

  • grat

    The dog doesn’t seem particularly bothered to be in the paddock– and I would think (hope!) Nicole Scherzinger would be far more of a distraction, but historically, Hamilton has always driven better when she’s at the track.

  • [email protected]

    Go, HAMILTON !