Lotus boss Lopez defends Grosjean’s Monaco madness

Romain Grosjean had a torrid time at Monaco

Romain Grosjean had a torrid time at Monaco

Lotus owner Gerard Lopez has again backed Romain Grosjean, amid speculation that the Enstone based team could replace the beleaguered French driver.

Having seemingly overcome his ‘first lap nutcase’ troubles of 2012, 27-year-old Grosjean is now back in the wars with a ten-place grid penalty for Montreal for his Monaco crash with Daniel Ricciardo.

In the wake of the Monaco controversy, team boss Eric Boullier answered “not yet” when asked if Lotus might consider replacing Grosjean with GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi.

He and team owner Lopez, however, have also defended Grosjean.

Gerard Lopez with Romain Grosjean

Gerard Lopez with Romain Grosjean

“The first (Monaco) accident in practice was our fault,” Lopez told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport. ‘The tyre pressures were wrong and we did not tell him. The second crash was comparable to Massa’s — we believe both were distracted by a car coming out of the pits.’

‘From that, he was under pressure for the rest of the weekend. The speed was there,’ said Lopez, adding that hurried repairs meant Grosjean’s car was ‘not really perfect’ for the race.

Lopez said that the crash with Ricciardo was caused by frustration.

“Romain is not a guy who can drive behind [other drivers] [only] for so long, especially when he knows that he could be so much further forward,’ he said.

Romain Grosjean with broken front wing

Romain Grosjean with broken front wing

He said that Lotus continues to believe in Grosjean, but smiled as he likened the French driver to a talented football player ‘who is constantly getting stupid injuries’.

‘He’s super fast in anything with four wheels – he would be quick with a shopping cart. He is a natural talent and there are not too many others like him; Hulkenberg, Bianchi but I can’t think of many others,’ said Lopez.

Meanwhile, Grosjean said he believes that his ten-place penalty for the Ricciardo crash is harsh.

As for his mixed 2013 season so far, he said: ‘On paper it’s not as good as we would have wanted it to be, but I’m happy with all my performances so far except for Monaco.’

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  • Kob

    He’s not as good as the others drivers, period.
    Lotus should not complain if they lose too much money then. Reparations and parts cost a lot of money, and if he’s protected like that it’s only because of his sponsors.
    Replace him, everyone in the paddock will be happy.

  • Sunshine117

    Agreed…’Grosjean’ would be a fantastic racer if there was nobody else on the track. His lap times are nearly the fastest (or close to) for every race, and he can usually qualify pretty well up there ….BUT…put him in amongst traffic with the best drivers in the world and he loses his nerve, a dead set shocker. He’s proven many times that he puts himself in situations that he can’t get out of and ends up taking someone as well as himself out of the race. Get rid of him!!!
    Before, he does any real damage, as in a possible fatality. I know how safe F1 cars are today, but if there ever was a fatality…You could almost guarantee it would be from a bad decision made by ‘Grosjean’. I mean he nearly took off Alonso’s head last year…(I don’t hate Grosjean I think he is a very fast driver, just not a very safe one).

    I think Lotus should give ‘Jean Eric Verne’ a go next season. See how he goes.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Good he mentions Hulkenberg, I would love him to pair Kimi next year!

  • CHL

    Get rid of the Romain lettuce head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!