Grosjean: Ile de Notre Dame is my favourite circuit on the Xbox

Romain Grosjean finished second in the 2012 Canadian GP

Romain Grosjean finished second in the 2012 Canadian GP

After a weekend to forget in Monaco, Lotus driver Romain Grosjean heads to another French-speaking nation hopeful of very different fortunes at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

It was an eventful weekend for you in Monaco…what are your thoughts now you’ve been able to reflect?
It was certainly a rollercoaster, and one where we could have achieved a lot more with the pace of the car. No-one wants to make contact with the barriers at Monaco and it’s a fine balance between going fast and going too fast; there’s such a tiny margin for error as I found out. The positives are that we significantly improved the car again to make it more predictable over the weekend and that helped me a lot. I think we had the pace to be in the top three, but unfortunately we didn’t get the qualifying position we wanted and it’s almost impossible to move up the order in Monaco. I got caught out behind Daniel [Ricciardo] and will have to suffer quite a harsh penalty of ten places on the Montréal grid, but we’ll be working hard to devise the best strategy to work back up the order.

Romain Grosjean with Lotus engineers in Monaco

Romain Grosjean with Lotus engineers in Monaco

You said you’d buy your crew some drinks for all the work they put in over the Monaco weekend; have you had a chance to do this yet?
Not yet, but I’ll treat them to a special dinner later in the year; hopefully when we’ve got something good to celebrate.

Last year you went from seventh to second in Montréal; can you repeat that kind of performance in 2013?
Yes, last year we had a fantastic result at this race and we’ll certainly be trying for a fantastic result once more. For sure it will be a bit more difficult with the penalty, but we’ll take the challenge and do the very best we can.

Twenty twelve was your first time racing in Montréal, but you learnt the track pretty well?
The track is interesting; not an easy one to learn, but as we say most of the time if you have a good result then you like the track! I’d certainly like to finish this year’s race on the podium again; that would be a good record to maintain. The city’s great too. People speak French, the place is lively, there are some great restaurants and everybody is really welcoming.

Have you raced the circuit in any other form?
It’s true that it’s my favourite circuit on the Xbox, though it’s certainly bumpier in real life than sat at home on your sofa!

Romain Grosjean in Monaco

Romain Grosjean in Monaco

You like street circuits and were quick in Monaco; can we expect more of the same pace at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve?
I enjoy the sensation of being close to the walls; although as I learnt this year in Monaco…I don’t enjoy the sensation of being too close to the walls! Montréal is different from Monaco as there are some long straights and big braking moments. The track surface can also present challenges as we’ve seen in past seasons, so it will be interesting to see what the grip level is like this year. Finally, the weather in Montréal can be quite changeable as we’ve seen many times. I’m sure it’ll be a challenging and exciting grand prix.

Does the Canadian event present any particular challenges, being a long haul amidst the European season?
I arrive a little earlier to help beat the jet lag. Sometimes the challenge of beating the jet lag and getting a decent sleep can be as hard to solve as finding the right setup for the car! I’ll be getting plenty of exercise and hopefully getting some good sleep at the right time too!

It’s been a mixed season for you so far; how would you assess it?
On paper it’s not as good as we would have wanted it to be, but I’m happy with all my performances so far except for Monaco. I have been doing my best every time, the pace is there and every time we manage to improve the car. I just have to keep doing my best and see where we go from there. (Renault)

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  • K-15-

    It doesn’t cost money and points when you crash in X-Box. Just stop simulating and focus on the real deal Mr. Crashjean..

  • bamza

    might as well have RK drivin at 80% probaly get more points and definately cause less damage.

  • Apex Assassin

    Lol, an Xbox career is all Grosjean has.

  • hillside

    even in xbox, Romain craches in first lap

  • CHL

    Lotus should bring on Kamui to replace the lettuce head (Romain). Everyone should go back again and watch the absolutely crazy move
    Grojohn made at Spa last year taking out and nearly killing Fernando.
    It was totally insane. Subsequently, having not learned anything, he crashes 4 times at Monaco. I think that he feels he can get away with this stuff because of his nationality, his connections with Renault his French team manager etc. You watch, they won’t let him go and he knows it!!!

  • Louis

    Lotus can bring back Robert Kubica for the rest of the season now that Monaco is out of the way. Robert would probably score more points than Romain ….

  • Torque

    Hang in there Romain, you’ve shown your speed, just keep your focus. You’ll have a chance to pass a lot of cars in Montreal so get it done.

  • fapper

    and he just crashes in some cars even in Xbox. LOL!

  • Jack

    The irony of this headline sums up Grosjean perfectly, Xbox attitude does not work well on a real racetrack

  • Butterfly

    Microsoft sponsors the team and the Xbox is made by Microsoft, so… you get the idea.

  • Junior Johnson

    This is why grosgean is so bad.Well hes jus terrible.Did you guys sea him in monaco?he crashed like 4 times if he plays like that in the xbox I can beat him easy

  • F1 Neutral

    My favourite track on the xbox too.

    Changing the subject, is anyone getting annoyed by the red text and accompanying ‘label’ next to anything that can be linked?