YallaF1.com is no more, but Grand Prix 247 is born to take over the baton

Thanks Guys!

Thanks Guys! (Note: This image has been manipulated)

YallaF1.com has run its race and has now morphed into Grand Prix 247 for a variety of reasons which deserve no column inches whatsoever.

The site is only new in name – the same ethos of providing topical Formula 1 news still remains, with an emphasis on breaking stories, interviews, reports and features – related to the sport we follow with passion and commitment. This will be delivered in a simple, easy to read format which is also pleasing to the eye.

If anything is different, it is the ‘backend’ of the site, where the emphasis is on the speed of content delivery, and as a result, some bells & whistles have been sacrificed for a hassle free and more efficient reading experience.

It is worth reflecting on that in four and a half years of YallaF1.com we published 21,217 F1 reports on the site and we saw growth from a handful of readers in March 2009 to close on 2 million unique visitors since then, who between them read over 12 million posts on YallaF1.com. Wacky figures for a home grown operation.

Into the future we are confident we will be able to live up to the foundation set in the YallaF1.com years and continue to be an influence in the world of Formula 1 news with Grand Prix 247.

Below is the YallaF1.com Google Analytics summary from 20 March 2009 until 31 May 2013.



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