Ricciardo says Grosjean’s Monaco antics were idiotic

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean at Moanco

Daniel Ricciardo has added to Romain Grosjean’s woes by admitting he called the beleaguered Lotus driver for behaving like an an idiot in Monaco.

Frenchman Grosjean, last year branded the ‘first lap nutcase’ by Mark Webber after a spate of incidents culminating in a race ban, ended Ricciardo’s Monaco race with a rear-end collision last Sunday.

The crash has cost him ten places on the Montreal grid, and renewed reports his place in Formula 1 might be in doubt.

Australian Ricciardo admits the incident angered him.

“You want to blow off steam,” he said, “but by that point I really couldn’t be bothered shouting and screaming at Grosjean.

“It was a disappointing end to a deeply unsatisfying weekend and I didn’t want to waste the energy yelling ‘screw you, what the hell were you thinking?’

“I just said ‘you’re an idiot’, and that was it,” said Ricciardo, 23.

When contemplating Ricciardo, many think first of the Perth-born driver’s always-present smile, but 1980 world champion Alan Jones recently said the grin belies a killer instinct.

“Every person has two sides,” Ricciardo told Russia’s Formula 1news.ru. “I smile most of the time, but when I put on my helmet, no one sees it anymore.”

Should Red Bull not renew Mark Webber’s contract, and Kimi Raikkonen decides to stay at Lotus, it is believed Ricciardo is first in line for the seat alongside Sebastian Vettel net year.

“To be honest, I find this topic a little boring now,” Ricciardo said. “I’ve heard it a lot over the years.

“When I first became Red Bull’s reserve in 2010, people were saying ‘maybe Mark will finish this year and you’ll replace him’.

“It’s not like me to say nothing, but honestly I don’t know what to say,” Ricciardo continued. “I have no idea what his (Webber’s) plans are. And what the team’s plans are.

“It doesn’t affect me: I have to try to perform, no matter who I’m trying to impress. Everything else is just talk.” (GMM)

  • jeff


  • So says “ol To Slow Ricciardo” Mr. Brake Check the faster car well before the corner

    What bothers me is it seems no one has noticed how far from the corner this crash happened. There is no doubt that Ricciardo brake checked Grosjean well before the normal braking area.

    If anyone should have received a penalty it is Ricciardo for brake checking. Ricciardo knew he was slower than Grosjean, hell Ricciardo is always slower than Grosjean, so Ricciardo pulled his stupid brake check move and caused this crash yet Grosjean takes all the blame for the armature stunt pulled by ol to slow Ricciardo.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Romain crashes a lot but I really don’t think the crash was his fault.. Daniel seemed to brake (way) too early. Whether he was brake-checking or his tires were worn that he had too brake early we don’t really know. But seriously, I don’t think it was RG’s fault.