Hamilton says McLaren brakes different to Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Apparently Lewis Hamilton’s main problem as he grapples to get up to speed with Monaco winning Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg is the W04 car’s brakes, it has emerged.

Beaten to pole position by Rosberg on the last three outings, Hamilton departed Monaco last Sunday – having watched the sister car stroll to victory – vowing to get his “shit together”.

He is quoted by France’s L’Equipe as admitting that the biggest difference between his new Mercedes and his McLarens of past seasons are the brakes.

“At McLaren, I had 100 per cent confidence in the car, and I’m working to regain that confidence,” said the 2008 world champion.

“The setup and the brakes are very different to what I was used to,” added Hamilton.

“It’s an overall feeling that’s hard to explain. It’s not a problem of concentration, it’s just confidence in the car,” he said. (GMM)

  • Waaaa

    Here come the excuses. No shit this car has different brakes, Einstein.

    Rosberg doesn’t seem to have a problem with them so get on with it instead of walking your overweight poodle in Monaco and talking with an American accent.

  • Adam22

    What about the acceletor pedal? I’m sure it’s different too! But u Lewis yours is too small. Size does matter mate!

  • joff81

    Lets be honest you can’t drive an F1 car to its full potential if you don’t have confidence it’s going to stop. Hamilton was the one who had a massive brake failure first time out in testing not Rosberg.
    Also Hamilton is the last of the late brakers and due to his aggressive style needs a car to slow down when he demands as he leaves no room for error or will have an accident. If he has no confidence the car will slow down when needed the. He just won’t be at 100%.
    Once Hamilton sort out the braking and confidence issue he will be back to 0.5 faster than Rosberg that’s not to say Rosberg is a slouch because he’s not but Hamilton is faster once he is 100% happy no doubt.

  • Hawk

    @joff thanks for educating the dimwits, grannies who have never driven. confidence in a car is all about brakes and the steering.. and when it comes to Monaco? Actually I noticed that in Malaysia. the two incidents when Nico overtook Lewis was because of late breaking, and with a heavy car to boot..

  • Hooters

    @Waaa, Rosberg had 3 years to get used to the brakes. So you are a fool. Kimi complained 1/2 last year about the steering on the Lotus until they got it right. You think the car doesn’t matter? Lewis should be able to win riding a bicycle? Idiot.

  • Lol.

    I’m surprised Lewis has said this to be completely honest, because he has 2 podiums with this team and he sure as hell didn’t have a brake problem then.

    The fact is Nico has beaten him this year, end of story. Nico has done a hell of a good job over the last 4 years – all the teams wins, all but one pole position and all but 3 podiums. His form and results are awesome.

    Nico’s junior record was also better than Lewis’s.

    Can people please just accept there is even a slight chance Nico is beating Lewis on merit?

  • jeff

    Yes. Lewis is a late breaker. Mclaren or Mercedes does not matter. He is the King of the square tire..

  • bamza

    It was the same scenario with Alonso at mclaren 07 he couldnt adjust to the brakes so they changed his car from brembos to hitcos halfway through the season. A simalar situation with reubens at brawn as well.