Raikkonen: Maybe someone should punch Perez in the face

Kimi Raikkonen not happy with Sergio Perez

Kimi Raikkonen not happy with Sergio Perez

Normally a man  of few words, Kimi Raikkonen has been pretty verbose since the Monaco GP and delivered another punchy quote to his legions of fans, after his clash with Sergio Perez during the street race in Monte Carlo.

Furious about being run into by the McLaren driver at the exit of the tunnel, Finn Raikkonen initially called his Mexican rival an “idiot” and “stupid”.

“We’ve lost a lot of points to Sebastian (Vettel) in the championship and you can’t afford to lose ground like that,” said Raikkonen.

Asked if he will seek Perez out for talks, Raikkonen insisted: “No, that won’t help.”

Asked what will, he suggested: “Maybe someone should punch him in the face.”

Kimi Raikkonen during the Monaco race

Kimi Raikkonen during the Monaco race

Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso also had trouble with Perez in Monaco, skipping the chicane after an attack and having to give the place to his rival.

“Only McLaren has to be happy with him,” former McLaren driver Alonso said coyly afterwards.

Team boss Martin Whitmarsh, however, insisted McLaren is indeed happy with the feisty 23-year-old, saying run-ins are “what happens in Monaco occasionally”.

“I am happy with his spirit and his challenge,” he said. “You can over push sometimes but I think he did some great overtakes. I have got to be pleased that he is there, he is committed and racing.” (GMM)

  • Not Bernie

    The two overtakes were at the same corner on the circuit, and that’s about where the similarity ends. Kimi had covered the inside line with the position of his car and the line he was taking. In addition, Perez’s move on Kimi was about 50 yards further down the track that what he had done on Alonso and Button.

    Where Perez’s overtakes on Button and Alonso were brilliant, and they were, the attempt on Kimi was foolish and rash.

    Button’s overtake on Alonso was rather brilliant too. And we also have Di Resta to thank for showing that you can overtake in Monaco.

    However, you’ve got to love Kimi’s no-nonsense attitude to F1. Say it as you mean it!

  • vnbrtzl

    Damn, these math questions are difficult in order to post. Please make them easier. Thank you, S. Perez

  • Sam

    Perez should have a tattoo on his face ” Punch Me I’m an Idiot “.

  • Henk

    Not very brave of Kimi. If he thinks Perez should be punched, then it should be him. I’m afraid Kimi is running out of ‘coolness’.

  • hillside

    Kimi wont touch Perez just because theyre not in the same level. champions deal with champions and let the scrubs deal with these scrubs. someone will pull the string on Romain to take out this scrap Perez

  • James

    Perez reminds me of Takuma Sato in 2005. Anyone here feel the same?

  • Mark

    Kimi took revenge after the exact same move Perez did to him at China when Kimi was forced to make a mistake and crash on Perez rear /watch?v=rlZavhXNJfA here. Theres no way perez could handle that monaco curve at that speed on that line, neither do Kimi. Just compare his line to Hamilton’s. You made a mistake too, Kimi, and the stewards think the same ;D

  • fools

    I wish Alonso would punch all the trolls out of YallaF1

  • 12

    Kimi’s is just a boring racer as opposed to Perez. The legions of kimi worshippers and that man of few words theatre he puts on keeps interest in him alive. You don’t say someone needs to be punched, you do it.

    I remember when Senna just walked upto Eddie Irvine and decked him after Suzuka 1993.

  • Butterfly


    With a face like that, he doesn’t need that message printed on it.

  • fools


    I agree with what you mean.

    In the good o’ days a “scrap” between to grown men were looked at after the fight as between respect to one another because instead of talking trash that’s how you sorted things out if need be.

    Now, today if he Kimi punched someone. He could jeopardize alot.

    -Team respect
    -S. License
    -F1 Career

    Look what happen to Sutil. And he’s not as popular driver to some. Although that was a slice to the neck and not a punch.
    (Thought after 1 yr. They bring him back to solidify himself.

    Basically with today’s society its difficult to “Man Up” because now you can be sued for anything. Even if the person deserved it or not.

    The system is rigged in other words f*****