Hamilton says Vettel has it easy with fastest car

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has hit back at Sebastian Vettel’s description of the Mercedes cars as buses during  the Monaco Grand Prix.

Red Bull‘s world champion Vettel, who finished second on Sunday behind Nico Rosberg, said of the opening laps in Monaco: “You expect two silver arrows and there were two buses going for a cruise”.

Hamilton, who switched to Mercedes over the winter, told Press Association news agency he didn’t appreciate the analogy.

“He has had the fastest car for the last four years, so it’s easy for him to say that. He’s got it easy,” said the Briton.

“We are making our way up, we are learning, growing, improving with a car that has great potential, so I don’t agree with him.”

Hamilton was more reluctant to talk about the furore caused by Mercedes’ ‘secret’ tyre test, insisting he has to focus instead on getting up to speed with the on-form Rosberg.

“I just have to focus on myself and try and get my act together,” he said. (GMM)

  • Hehe

    Hammy had fastest car in 2007 and lost the championship. Then he had the fastest car in 2008 and almost lost the title to Massa of all drivers. He had the fastest car in 2012 and was not even in the title hunt. And now he has the fastest car in 2013 over a lap and his teammate is dominating him.

    Lol, go walk your poodle in Monaco.

  • B@rney

    Vettel’s car is so fast precisely because he is as good a developmental driver as there is. Merc had to collude an unfair advantage with Pirelli to remain competitive precisely because Hamilton couldn’t develop a cold.

  • Steve

    The silver buses were running EIGHT SECONDS a lap slower than their qualifying pace in the opening laps, so Seb’s jibe was right on the money.

    As for his having “the fastest car”, this nonsense was pathetic last year and it grows more so with each season that passes. The Merc has been the fastest car over a lap this year, and the Ferrari the fastest car over a race. Vettel leads the championship because he has driven flawlessly over the first six races while his rivals have not. Alonso in particular has driven poorly so far. He needs to up his game in a hurry just to stay in contention.

  • Mark

    LOL @hehe

    Damn man you stole my words!!!! ashahha Hamilton was not a Bus, as Vettel claims. Hamilton @monaco was the typical 80y/o blind woman driving her ’78 buick at 30mph in the fast lane at the highway.

  • Mark

    By the way… Hammy, your car was developed with Michael Schumacher’s help. RB car was developed with Vettel’s help. What about actually helping develop your car instead of walking your chihuahua?

  • Steve

    Monaco was a very poor race for Alonso, on top of poor races at Malaysia and Bahrain. He has little margin for error now – he needs several wins in the next six GP’s and no more screw-ups this season just to have a chance at the title.

  • fools

    steve quit pointing out bs. Alonso is 3rd with a dnf and wing malfunction? must you always insult Alonso? Is that your game to do so always?


    Ferrari isnt that fastest car in a race dumbass. if that was the case they would of won every race thus far. provide facts not bs steve!

  • Steve

    “Alonso is 3rd with a dnf and wing malfunction”

    You left out the fact that he DNF’ed through his OWN bad driving, and that he made things worse with the wing malfunction by activating it again after it broke the first time.

    “Ferrari isnt that fastest car in a race dumbass”

    Yes it is, dumbass. It’s just driven by a bad driver. Every year Alonso screws things up and loses, and every year people come out of the woodwork to claim that he’s the greatest driver of all time but his car is a donkey.

  • fools

    Therefore you still did not provide facts? Your full of dog shit that YOU cant even smell.

    Where is the fact the Ferrari is the fastest car on the grid?

    Provide facts not comments. (You mean it might be the fastest on a straight line)

    What is funny about @steve is that you and all your troll fans are always first to comment about Alonso yet your not a fan? Regardless if the article pertains to Alonso or NOT.

    Yet with the wing malfunction which wasnt his fault and Vettel brake checking him which caused the front wing to come off. No question he ( Alonso) could have braked harder to avoid the contact with Vettel…then what about the other 14 cars behind him? Exactly…it would of caused havoc!

    DO the YallaF1 community and Quit commenting on Alonso articles and will call it fair with your lack of F1 KNOWLEDGE.

    Your a troll. GTFOH!