Hamilton: I just have to focus on myself and try and get my shit together

Lewis Hamilton has yet to feel fully comfortable as a Mercedes driver

Lewis Hamilton says he needs to get on it

Lewis Hamilton is calm about what could happen to Mercedes if they are hauled before a Formula 1 tribunal to explain their secret tyre test, but he is worried about his own form.

“I’m not concerned about it, that’s for the team to worry about,” the 2008 world champion said of his team’s apparent breaking of a ban on in-season testing by putting in 1,000 km with Pirelli in Spain.

“I just have to focus on myself and try and get my shit together,” he told reporters after Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Hamilton started on the front row and finished fourth behind team mate Nico Rosberg who won from pole. It was the second race in a row the Briton had started in second place and failed to make the podium.

In Spain – where he finished 12th – it was all about the tyres “dropping off” dramatically in performance, but in Monaco it was more about Hamilton.

With Mercedes deciding to pit both drivers once the safety car had been deployed for the first time, Hamilton was told to keep a six-second gap to ensure a smooth stop without losing places. But he slowed down too much and slipped behind Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Lewis Hamilton on the Monaco grid

Lewis Hamilton on the Monaco grid

Hamilton apologised to the team for the loss of what might have been a one-two finish and vowed to work harder.

“I don’t put it down to bad luck. I just wasn’t good enough over the weekend. The whole weekend has been a missed opportunity,” he said.

“I’ve got lots to sort out on my side of the garage, and within myself, and I’ll take time to do that. I’m not quick enough, not on it enough, so I need to get on it.”

After qualifying on what remains one of his favourite tracks, Hamilton had shed more light on the problems he is having in his first season at Mercedes after what seemed like a lifetime at McLaren.

While loving the freedom he has been given by his new team, and defending himself against critics questioning a lifestyle that includes bringing his pet bulldog Roscoe to races, Hamilton recognised he was still adjusting to his new surroundings.

Despite two podiums this season, the Briton said he had not felt fully comfortable in the car since the opening race in Australia.

Lewis Hamilton was second going into Turn 1 at Monaco but ended the race fourth

Lewis Hamilton was second going into Turn 1 at Monaco but ended the race fourth

“Actually, even in winter testing I was struggling,” he said. “The setup they have on the car in terms of brake cylinders and all this kind of thing, the steering wheel, it’s a lot different to what I obviously experienced before, where I was very comfortable. I’d been there for years so I was used to it, it was always the same.”

“That’s been the slight weakness for me this year. Even in the first few races, but particularly in the last couple, I’ve been pretty poor,” he said.

Hamilton said the problem was less to do with the engineers and more for him to deal with. Although he had struggled to get heat into the tyres, it was a confidence thing.

“It’s just a general feeling with me,” he explained. “It’s difficult to really explain it. I’ve just not been on it all weekend.

“It’s not through not being focused, it’s not through not being centred. It’s just feeling comfortable in the car. At McLaren I had 100 percent confidence in the car … particularly on this track where you need 100 percent confidence in the car beneath you.

“It’s just that I’ve been struggling with getting that confidence.” (Reuters)

  • Gordo

    The first thing the Hamster needs to do is get rid of the diamond earrings, the ridiculous faux beard and his girlfriend. Then concentrate on his racing.

  • Not Bernie

    “The first thing the Hamster needs to do is get rid of the diamond earrings, the ridiculous faux beard and his girlfriend. Then concentrate on his racing.”

    And stop trying to impress all his rapper buddies. Or wasting time writing an album.

    When he’s on form he’s one of the greatest drivers there is.

  • tharris19

    Patience and perseverance will get him to where he needs to be. His approach to his problems seems to be working (two podiums and fourth in points in a car he is not comfortable in). He and Mercedes will be ok.

  • Juy

    You know what I think it is? I think the current crop of drivers including Hamilton just don’t care very much for winning.

    Lewis says he needs to get his shit together but Im willing to bet the next GP he will be like: “lets see if my shit is together now?”.

    Not like back when Senna and Prost raced and stayed in debriefings until 1 am and just worked hard to really gave your whole life to a specific goal, i.e. Of being the best.

    The current kids are just spoilt, $30 million, thanks very much, what do you mean dedication? What do you mean 1 am?

  • 334

    The same with him being pulled over for a burnout in Australia,… Remember him reclining the seat all the way so the cameras would have a harder time filming him? (They found it just as easy).

    Those are things an insecure, somewhat spoilt boy does. A real man would just have fessed up and said yes officer, sorry with a half grin knowing full well the safety implications in the difference between a burnout and a donut in traffic.

    The more I witness Hamilton the less mature he comes across for his age, he’s what 27? Not 20.

  • ukwhite

    After so many qimmicks Gordo and Not Bernie are talking about, I am wondering what will be next for Lewis on top of those massive tattooes, etc? Religion convert or what? This guy will not sit quiet and race the cars only, he will do whatever necessary to get into the limelight, just crazy…. Looking to Lewis, it is tough to find the real definition of a Man.

  • 9CF

    @ 334: He’s 28, so its worse than you thought.