Raikkonen: The idiot hit me from behind and that’s about all there is to it

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez before the pair collided

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez before the pair collided

Formula 1 title contender Kimi Raikkonen accused McLaren‘s Sergio Perez of driving like an idiot after a Monaco Grand Prix collision that almost ended the Finn’s 23-race run of scoring finishes.

The Lotus driver and the Mexican made contact at the entrance to the chicane in Sunday’s race while Raikkonen was defending fifth place.

Perez’s attempt to pass ended in contact with Raikkonen suffering a rear tyre puncture that dropped him right down the field.

“Actually that (idiot) is a nice word compared with what he really said,” said Lotus team principal Eric Boullier when asked about Raikkonen’s radio outburst.

The 2007 world champion, who had started the day four points behind Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel and ended it 21 adrift but still second overall, pitted for supersoft tyres and passed six cars in the final five laps to finish 10th.

That was his 23rd successive race in the points, one short of Michael Schumacher’s all-time record.

“He hit me from behind and that’s about all there is to it,” said Raikkonen. “If he thinks it’s my fault that he came into the corner too fast then he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.

Kimi Raikkonen before the start of the Monaco GP

Kimi Raikkonen before the start of the Monaco GP

“It’s not the first time he’s hit someone in the race. He seems to expect people to be always looking at what he might do, then move over or go straight on if he comes into the corner too quick and isn’t going to make it without running into someone.”

“Because of one stupid move from Sergio we’ve lost a lot of points to Sebastian in the championship and you can’t afford to lose ground like that.”

Perez retired after the incident, having also come close to collisions with his own team mate Jenson Button and Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso.

Boullier suggested McLaren might want to take him in hand.

“He nearly crashed with his team mate in Bahrain, here obviously there was a little bit of action also. It looks like he is trying too often to be too aggressive and attempt something which most of the time is impossible to do.”

Perez recognised his move had been risky but pointed out he had got past Button and Alonso, who had to cut the corner to avoid contact, at the same place.

“Kimi didn’t give me any room, there was nothing I could do to avoid it. If someone could avoid the accident it was Kimi,” he declared. (Reuters)

  • hillside

    ambitious idiot! you’re lucky to pin one or two Former champions in a race but to try to make it three is pushing it too much.

  • Erich Lacher

    Sergio Perez has only a helmet on his head.

    Better helmet than nothing.

  • ed

    “If someone could avoid the accident it was Kimi”

    By going off the track? He can’t be serious.

  • Dr Jurges

    Yeah, Alonso “gave him room” and got penalized for it, the guys a douche de ville of the highest order.

  • Odd Lord

    Perez stay at McL will be very short i expect, unless this tellmex is becoming the new titlesponsor.If thats the case he can probably stay, to make sure McL doesn’t take a CDC anymore for as long as he is there wrecking cars.

    I think he will be under the watchfull eye of the stewards in Canada next time around, and i hope the first little indication of madness is punished with a raceban (which seems to gain popularity lately)

  • pillio

    what can u expect from a Mexican?

  • babyboo

    huh he’s trying so hard to impress mclaren. What an idiot!

  • Not Bernie

    The first two moves that Perez were actually rather good. Especially on Alonso – my moment of the race.

    On Kimi, however, it was just daft. You could see that Kimi had already covered the inside line to stop Perez, yet he still went for the gap that wasn’t going to be there.

    Without the Perez overtakes the Monaco race would have been spectacularly dull!

  • Perez no fit to drive a donkey

    Perez is not even fit to drive a donkey let alone be in Formula One.

    These pay drivers are a danger and Perez is the worst of them.

    Monaco needs to be removed from the schedule as well. Just because it can afford to have a race does not mean it should get one. Every race is the same “BORING” the track long ago became a joke.

    It is time to get rid of drivers like Perez and all the other pay drivers and Carlos Slim can leave right a long with them.

  • Stoner

    Does formula 1 need this type of imbecile PAY DRIVERS.
    Son of Bi%%$ yapping after taking out 1 F1 champion(kimi) and almost took out 2 others(alonso and button).
    if alonso and button didn’t take the run off area they also would have met a similar fate as kimi.
    and i cannot believe that martin whitmarsh is defending this looser.

  • M451

    Go home Perez, Come on Di Resta, McLaren is waiting…

  • Steve

    It wasn’t that bad a move he tried to put on Kimi. It was within the regs, which is why he was not penalized for it by the stewards.

  • McClaren orders Perez booster seat and pedal extensions

    McClaren has ordered a booster seat and a set of pedal extensions for Sergio Perez’s car.

    It seems Sergio Perez has trouble seeing over the steering wheel and has trouble reaching the pedals resulting in his mishaps this season.

    The reality is Sergio Perez does not deserve or belong in Formula One.

  • Steve

    The rules state that if the driver behind can get the nose of his car alongside the car in front, the driver in front has to give him room and not turn into him. I don’t agree with that rule, but it is what it is. Technically Kimi was in the wrong here.

  • TomZ

    I’m a huge McLaren fan having owned one of McLaren’s CanAm cars so obviously I have loyalty to Mclaren…BUT I totally agree Perez was to blame with his move on Kimi. He probably should be penalized for being stupid aggressive…but what do you expect, he was encouraged to be aggressive. Here is a link to the a video showing the move both from the Perez’s view and from the track:

    It’s painful to see McLaren as a mid pack team and defending Perez after his dumb move.

  • TomZ

    looks like you can’t add a link to a video….google it and it will come up.

  • Steve

    ” I totally agree Perez was to blame with his move on Kimi.”

    The regs and the stewards disagree.

  • Tinto

    Speedy Gonzales and Iceman, you cannot get any better… Kimi should just ignore that bloody fool… Go Kimi, you know what you are doing!

  • bamza

    What a joke. Stand perez down dont encourage him Twitmarsh and stewards.

  • vx-2

    Kimi has actually started turning, b4 Perez’s car nose is even any close to the rear wheel of Kimi.

    The most spectacular overtaking is definitely belong to Kimi as well, overtook 3 cars in 1 lap, after the last pit stop.

  • Hawk

    wrong picture. cinturato green intermediates?

  • Mark

    Fk you all, I pay for cable tv, I pay to watch F1 and I want overtakes. That perez guy has more guts than all those alonso, webber and vettel tyre-saving b4st4rds. If you kids cant handle it, go watch PGA Golf Tour.

  • Perez for President

    It was clear to see that Perez was trying to back out once Kimi had turned in early. Clearly some posters here would prefer to see only the clear boring passing that we get at other circuits using DRS. If that’s the future of F1 then Golf on TV may well be the answer.

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