Grosjean gets grid penalty for causing crash

Romain Grosjean drives back tot he pits after his incident with Daniel Ricciardo

Romain Grosjean drives back tot he pits after his incident with Daniel Ricciardo

Romain Grosjean has been given a ten place grid penalty to be served at the Canadian GP, Round 7 of the 2013 F1 world championship,  following his coming together with Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo during the Monaco GP.

The Lotus driver ran into the back of Ricciardo’s car exiting the tunnel at high speed on lap 62 while the pair battled for 13th place. Ricciardo had to retire immediately with damage, but Grosjean limped on for a lap before parking his Lotus.

Grosjean’s team mate Kimi Raikkonen was also summoned to the stewards after the race after he was deemed to have exceeded the prescribed maximum speed during one of the safety car period. Raikkonen received a reprimand but got to keep the single point he earned for finishing tenth.

  • Not Bernie

    I’m going to defend Grosjean. It looked that Ricciardo was just too slow at that point. Or did a brake test. Either way, a very harsh penalty.

    I’d like to see lap for lap telemetry on Ricciardo to see if there was anything different on that lap.

  • F1 Neutral

    It’s difficult to say when it comes to Grosjean. Considering that’s his 4th accident at Monaco this year. Unfortunately his reputation will continue to proceed him.

    When Kimi took Sutil out of 4th place when he was with Ferrari, no action was taken. Same place. If I remember rightly, Kimi had already lost control coming out of the tunnel, so a little different, but same place.

  • CHL

    It looked like total brain fade to me. Everyone please remember that
    Fernando would most probably have been World Champ last year if it weren’t for this Frog. There is something goofy about this guy. He doesn’t look like a Racing Driver. Who is he going to take out next? Perhaps he should take out Vettle in order to redeme himself!
    Lotus could certainly get someone better than this!!!

  • Bert

    I propose Grosjean should start every race from pole position.That way he can’t run up other drivers asses.LOL

  • Odd Lord

    I like the guy a lot, and he can be fast as lightning, but he makes too often mistakes.

    It is a bit weird indeed, that sometimes he is a little like senna, and sometimes he is like Crashtor Knaldonado… (which is a bigger nutcase and much worse driver then Romain i’d say.. but hey 30million back-up speaks for its self..