Raikkonen ignores Ecclestone’s call to ditch Hunt helmet tribute

Kimi Raikkonen with James Hunt tribute on his helmet in Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen with James Hunt tribute on his helmet in Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen has reportedly been told to remove the depiction of 1976 world champion James Hunt from the top of his special Monaco edition helmet, but the Iceman claims he knows nothing about the order which reportedly emanates from Bernie Ecclestone’s bunker.

An unabashed fan of the wild, drinking, smoking, womanising British driver, Finn Raikkonen went one step further a year ago in the Principality, wearing the late Hunt’s iconic black helmet livery.

This year, the Lotus driver’s tribute to Hunt is a stylish picture on the top of his helmet, bearing the words ‘James Hunt, 1976 world champion’.

And on the back of the helmet, above Raikkonen’s ‘Iceman’ logo, it reads: “Kimi on the Hunt’.

“I’ve always respected James Hunt” explained Raikkonen. “It’s great that his family is launching products to represent one of my favourite eras of Formula 1”.

But according to reports, including in Speed Week and Turun Sanomat, Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone has told Raikkonen to either cover the tribute or revert to his original helmet for the rest of the weekend.

2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Thursday Monte Carlo, Monaco 24th May 2012 Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus E20 Renault. World Copyright:Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _Q0C7952

Last year Kimi Raikkonen wore a James Hunt replica helmet during ther Monaco weekend

Reportedly, Ecclestone objects either to the positioning of the tribute in full view of the overhead onboard camera, or believes it is an unauthorised advertisement of the forthcoming feature film about Hunt and Niki Lauda’s 1976 title battle (‘Rush’).

When asked about the reported run-in with Ecclestone, Raikkonen told Speed Week: “I know nothing about it. As far as I know, I will wear the helmet all weekend.”

Meanwhile, when asked about his admission he has “two options” on the table for the 2014 season, Raikkonen clarified that one of them is a return to retirement.

It had been reported that one of the options for the Lotus driver might be a switch to Red Bull.

“There is always the option that I will not drive (at all). It’s always possible,” the 2007 world champion is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez agreed that Formula 1 should take that possibility seriously.

“Knowing Kimi well, outside of the track too, he could just as well announce that he’s stopping altogether,” he said on Thursday. “I wouldn’t take any bets whatsoever.”

  • Larry Thorne

    I didn’t know there will be a film about James Hunt. Thanks for advertising it Bernie!

  • Odd Lord

    =Kimi for President of FIA=

    It would be a big shame if had to leave again the F1, he is the only guy that puts a genuine smile on my face with his comments.
    I really like the way he is so down to earth, and doesnt make any effort to talk polical blabla.

  • Urko

    That “little corrupted man” is the last one to give anyone luctures!!

  • hillside

    F1 needs a character like Kimi that has a lot of balls.

  • Aberracus

    It’s time for Bernie to retire, the Dwarf is a problem for the sport.

  • fools

    Bernie who gives a rats ass. Its a helmet you tard.

    Bernie doesn’t like promoting anything that doesn’t give him some incentive ($$$)

    I am sure we all know its either RB or Kimi out of F1. Fast car or no car should be the headline.

  • james

    Bernie, not a DWARF!!! No, he reminds me of that Hobbit dude from “Lord of the Rings”, you know me thinks he turned BAD. He is his precious!!!!

    Bernie is a bad, bad man. So full of himself. And wtf is up with all these beautiful chicks that hover around him constantly??? Either he has an enormous man part or could it be all that money, hahaha.

    Kind of looks like a freeze dried turd to me. Nope I care not for Berne

  • Brian

    @Larry Thorne. LIKE your comment. @Aberracus, your’s too.

    Go Bernie go. Take your vacuous daughters with you.

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