Hamilton jet ski prank costs Mercedes big bucks

Lewis Hamilton performs for media in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton performs for media in Monaco

Wednesday was a costly day in Monaco for Mercedes, according to Swiss newspaper Blick’s veteran Formula 1 correspondent Roger Benoit, Lewis Hamilton decided to pull a prank on a boatload of photographers whilst jet-skiing in the Monaco harbour.

The report said Hamilton performed an extra-tight turn in front of the photographers, deliberately soaking their photo and TV cameras and mobile phones with a wave of seawater.

“An expensive prank,” said Benoit. “Hamilton’s team Mercedes apologised and apparently paid for the $150,000 in damage.”

Later, Hamilton spoke to reporters in the Monaco paddock for his usual media duties with his pet Roscoe – a bulldog – snoring loudly on his lap.

  • Adam22

    $150k won’t put a dint on LH $20m salary :)

  • Codger

    Yet another example of Lewis Hamilton’s immaturity!

  • Alan

    Look up narcissistic in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of Lewis with no definition needed.

  • Craig

    what a knucklehead.

  • zipthebunny

    give him a break, he’s free from McLaren’s tight grip, he’s worked hard with the new team, and he’s in the points….he’s having fun (the kind of fun McLaren wouldnt let him have).
    It is a shame all that equipment got wet, not easy to replace it on the road before a major event….C’est la vie

  • Richard

    Please remember Hamilton is the best driver in F1 history.

  • phil

    he should have paid out of pocket. even with millions in the bank he still uses “daddys” money when he breaks something

  • Hooters

    It’s a beat up. Those camera cost nothing like that and water does not automatically destroy them. What, everyone had $10k mobile phones held out to the spray of water? Yeah right… Not.