Di Resta says Alonso deserves 2013 title

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta has tipped Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso to win this year’s world championship, and should have won it last year too.

The Scot – who drives for Force India – thinks Spaniard Alonso should actually be crowned a four-time title winner at the end of the 2013 season.

“He should have been champion last year,” the 27-year-old, referring to Ferrari’s Alonso, told Speed Week. “For me, Alonso is the champion of 2012.”

There is some history between di Resta and reigning triple world champion Sebastian Vettel, who is 17 points ahead of Alonso in the 2013 drivers’ standings.

Di Resta is actually a year older than Vettel, but it was the German who won the race of the former F3 teammates to get to Formula 1.

Vettel, although beaten to the F3 euroseries title by di Resta, got into Formula 1 sooner than di Resta thanks to Red Bull‘s strong backing,

“Looking at it they were luckier than I am,” di Resta, also referring to Lewis Hamilton, said some years ago. “He (Vettel) shouldn’t have gotten there before me.”

So, in 2013, di Resta is tipping Alonso.

“He had his problems in Malaysia and Bahrain,” he said, “but Ferrari looks very strong. I think he deserves the championship.” (GMM)

  • Forza Ferrari

    Totally agree with Di Resta, Alonso is the real deserving F1 Champion of 2012 and without a doubt deserves to win this year as well. Gooo Alonso & Forza Ferrari!!!

  • fools

    Hey Paul…

    I agree!

  • Not Bernie

    Is Paul Di Resta looking to replace Massa? Come on Paul, aim higher!

    Rather than doing that oh-so Scottish thing of walking about with a huge chip on your shoulder, get out an out race everybody!

    Show those who stood there watching you at Knockhill (where it’s either cold and miserable or boiling sunny – often several times per day) what you can do!

  • Uh

    Di Resta has to be the most jealous sour grapes guy concerning Vettel. He seems to be obsessed with Vettel. Look at how entitled he thinks he is, you should have been there earlier than Vettel?

    Just because he narrowly beat Vettel when Vettel was a rookie and Di Resta had 1 more season in F3? 8-9 years ago when Vettel was 16 years old? It’s like saying Alonso easily beat Hamilton in 2007.

    Di Resta has been beaten by his teammates in F1 so far, he should focus on that instead of looking like a total pillock ridig his high horse all the time.

    And Alonso has been making many mistakes this season, how does he deserve it this season? Kimi is the one driving flawless so far. If it wasn’t for ITALIAN Pirelli designing soft as cream tyres to suit the ITALIAN Ferrari, he would have been behind Di Resta.

    Glad to see this is boring Scots last season.

  • michaelmacarthurinMaine

    No one deserves the 2013 title at this point. C’mon paul. there’s a whole lot more racing to do yet.
    We could argue all day and night about last year. But last year is over and history.
    go KIMI.
    And again, no one, not Fernando, Kimi, Seb, no one deserves anything at this point.

  • Doctor Bob

    Dear Paul,

    Your erection for Vettel and Hamilton has lasted longer than four hours.

    Please see a doctor as soon as possible regarding this issue.