BMW being tipped for F1 comeback but Toyota says no

BMW F1 Turbo engine

BMW F1 Turbo engine

Bernie Ecclestone is tipping German carmaker BMW might follow Honda back into Formula 1, but Toyota will remain out of the sport

Japanese manufacturer Honda announced last Thursday it will return, after a six-year absence from the sport, in 2015 to supply works V6 engines to McLaren.

One year after Honda pulled out in late 2008, BMW followed suit, citing reasons of “sustainability and environmental compatibility”.

In Honda’s comeback statement, president Takanobu Ito hailed the “significant environmental focus” of Formula 1’s shift from normally-aspirated V8s to ERS-boosted turbo V6s.

Now, Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone has told City A.M.: “I would be surprised if we don’t see BMW again.

“The amount of money they spent was not significant in the grand scheme of things. It makes sense for them to return.”

However, following speculation Honda’s Japanese rival Toyota was the obvious next candidate to return to the grid, spokesman Dion Corbett told Bloomberg there are no such plans.

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    Not a chance. The odds are still just even that Honda will actually power an F1 car again (PR statements are one thing, delivering a product is another for a company who is in or out based on the direction the wind is blowing). BMW has other more interesting fish to fry. Endurance and touring racing makes much more sense for production car makers. With F1’s move from techno-showcase (excepting the uber-faddish PR ready hybrid + turbo + small engines in 2014), the relevance of an open wheel spec racer tire strategy series to auto manufacturers becomes irrelevant. Unfortunately, the FIA, responsible for the current destruction of F1, have taken over Endurance racing – which will certainly end that as the showcase for road worthy technology, all in the interest of satisfying some committee derived concept of fairness of competition.