Monaco Grand Prix: Red Bull preview Monte Carlo

Mark Webber leads Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber leads Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull drivers preview the Monaco Grand Prix, Round 6 of the 2013 Formula 1 world championship, on the streets of Monte Carlo.

Sebastian Vettel: Monaco is one of my favourite tracks and driving it is an absolute challenge. You can’t even make the smallest mistake; if you do, you’re lucky if it’s just that your lap time is bad. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll end up in the barrier. Overtaking is possible, but only with risk – the best place for that is before the chicane. We come out of the narrow tunnel at more than 300kph and race to the first gear-chicane – whoever brakes later wins. Ideally you have a good qualifying session and start from far forward

Mark Webber: Monaco is still the one to win. I take a lot of pride in the success that I’ve had at the track over the years and my win in 2012 was certainly one of the toughest victories of my career. There were a few different strategies going on because the tyres were lasting longer than we expected and to complicate matters it started to rain at the end of the race. But I kept it on the island and took a very satisfying victory. Monaco is such a challenging venue that you’re not really racing other people; it’s you against the track. You get away with nothing, which means you’re more concerned with the circuit than the people around you. If it doesn’t rain, the grip level increases throughout the weekend as more rubber goes down. You have to get your head around that because it’s difficult to know how much harder you can push from one session to the next. It’s also a real momentum weekend; you need to be on a roll going into qualifying and that means exploring the limits in practice. There’s always a great atmosphere at this race. When you walk from the paddock to the pitlane everyone on the hill is shouting at you. That’s something we don’t get at other venues and the interaction with the fans is very enjoyable. I’m not big on all the tits and glamour, but the Monaco Grand Prix a unique sporting event. It’s not as tacky as you might think; they do it right, although you wouldn’t want every race to be like this. I tell people that if they’re going to go to one race, they should go to Monaco.

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