Pirelli new compound tyres to be ready for Canada

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After a weekend of negative publicity in Spain, Pirelli is speeding up a scheduled change of tack for its 2013 tyre compounds.

Following harsh criticism both inside and outside the paddock amid the Barcelona four-stoppers, Paul Hembery announced that changes would be made for Silverstone.

But on Tuesday, the Italian marque’s motor sport director said the changes will now make their debut one race earlier, in Canada, which is the race after next weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

“Some structural changes,” Hembery tweeted, “combining elements (of the) 2012 and 2013 products.”

Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt said the 2012 tyre construction will be revived, although the changes to the actual compounds will be minor “so as not to upset Ferrari and Lotus too much”.

“The purpose of the change is that the compounds do not heat up as much, especially at the rear,” Hembery is quoted as saying.

The change will have an aerodynamic impact on the cars, as the 2012 construction did not deform as much in the corners.

“This could be the salvation for teams like McLaren, Sauber and Williams. It will definitely also help Red Bull and Mercedes,” Schmidt said.

Hembery explained: “It may well be that we keep the compounds as we used in Barcelona. If anything, the changes will be minor.

“We want to stay on the aggressive side, to keep the races exciting and not punish the teams who are doing a good job with these tyres.”

Hembery is now stepping up the pressure on the teams to agree to some hot weather winter testing in the Middle East for early 2014, and also for an up-to-date test car.

“The Renault that we have is three years old and four seconds slower than today’s cars,” he said.

“Already this year we’re seeing as much rear downforce as in 2011 with the blown diffusers.

“We cannot develop tyres like this,” added Hembery.

  • hehe

    Don’t forget, Pirelli has an engineer embedded with every team and have access to all data related to how the tyre works on the car. These Pirelli engineers know exactly what kind of tyre that specific car needs to go faster…or slower ;)

    They will make sure Ferrari still benefits the most from this and it damages RBR the most.

    For years they have been trying this and they finally succeeded in 2013. But the audience saw through the scam, so they have to tweak their competition manipulation a bit to make it less obvious.

    Forza Italian corruption!

  • Now

    What is funny reading on many sites is the responses by Ferrari fans.

    Just a few days ago when the tyres helped Ferrari and damaged RBR they said: “tyres are the same for everybody, stop whining, whatever Pirelli provides, you have to deal with it”.

    Now Pirelli announces changes: “boo, RBR will get advantage, this is not fair, we want these tyres because they help Ferrari”.

    Lol, what happened to the ‘same for everybody’ argument within a day?

  • Fraud Detected

    For 2 seasons now Pirelli has been making the tryes softer and less durable to suit the Ferrari. They went so far this season that all the other teams, except Ferrari and Lotus, have now become undrivable.

    Finally more people start realizing this and are protesting againt this Italian scheme.