Maldonado clueless on how to fix Williams slump

Pastor Maldonado wins 2012 Spanish Grand Prix - Sunday

Pastor Maldonado celebrates winning the 2012 Spanish GP with Williams

A year after winning the Spanish GP in Barcelona from pole position, Pastor Maldonado has hit rock bottom at the scene of his Formula 1 breakthrough.

For many in the paddock, the depth of Williams’ and Maldonado’s decline in just 12 months is hard to believe — on Saturday, both FW35s failed to make it out of Q1, and the Venezuelan was outqualified by his rookie teammate Valtteri Bottas.

With new improvements to the struggling car on board this weekend, Maldonado told EFE news agency that “nothing worked” as his team tried to improve his car through the weekend.

“Nothing worked at all,” he said again, “but we have to keep calm and keep going.

“We cannot give up,” the 28-year-old added.

“We must keep going to find a solution. At the moment we have no idea how to fix our problems, which seems incredible, but this is Formula 1.” (GMM)

  • Max Smoot

    Maldonado seems too undisciplined to be team leader. Williams could hire Kovakainen who understands testing and is looking for a route back to a racing seat. Besides, two Finns can cooperate better to understand the car; all the better to determine if Bottas is the real deal.

  • McLarenfan

    @max smoot: you are so right Maldonado’s idea would be to fix big bumpers to his car and side impact bars! I must say Botas is not flying off in to the distance yet either the main idea was that he would show Maldonado how the job was done.