Alonso escapes penalty for flag waving breach

Fernando Alonso after the race

Fernando Alonso after the race

The FIA on Sunday considered penalising Fernando Alonso for picking up a Spanish flag during his post-chequered flag in lap, after winning his home race.

After winning his home race in Barcelona, Alonso stopped beside a marshal who furnished his Spanish compatriot and hero with a red and yellow Spanish flag.

Once in ‘parc ferme’, the Ferrari driver draped the flag over the ‘1’ signboard indicating where he should park.

But the glorious moment was actually a breach of a regulation about “receiving an object” prior to the post-race weighing and scrutineering procedure, and Alonso and a Ferrari team member were summoned to the stewards.

Ultimately, the FIA officials let him off without penalty “to be consistent with a previous decision made under similar circumstances”.

  • Jim

    Without a doubt the single most moronic F1 regulation today.

  • McLarenfan

    @jim agreed it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F1 Neutral

    It’s as ridiculous as giving a yellow card to a footballer who takes his top off or goes to the crowd when he scores an important goal.

    Punishment for passion. Ridiculous.

  • McLarenfan

    Penalty for flag waving is so stupid when you see how many flags in the grandstands and around the rest of the track most purchased at the track, next there will be a £1000,000 fine for throwing caps to the crowd as they could cause injury.