Marko: I take the final decision at Red Bull Racing

Red Bull's leadership triumvirate Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz and Christian Horner

Red Bull‘s leadership triumvirate Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz and Christian Horner

In the wake of the recent headline grabbing Multi-21 team orders debacle, an important question has emerged at Red Bull – who is really in charge of the Formula 1 team?

On the one side is team boss Christian Horner, who co-owns a GP3 team with Australian Webber, and who called Sebastian Vettel “silly” in Malaysia for refusing to follow the famous order.

But not only have the sort of team orders that should have delivered victory to Webber now been scrapped by Red Bull, it seems the Australian driver’s very future at the team could soon end.

Some suspect the increasingly strong influence of Helmut Marko, the Vettel-aligned, right-hand man of Austrian countryman and team owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

Red Bull Racing during happier times

Red Bull Racing during happier times

Horner found the need this week to insist that Marko actually has “no operational responsibility or input” into how the team is run, and is just “an advisor”.

But Spain’s El Confidential claims that, mere weeks ago, Marko gave a very different account of his role at Red Bull.

“I am a director of Red Bull Racing alongside Christian and Mateschitz,” he is quoted as saying.

“Whatever happens in the team comes to me and, if necessary, I take it up to the owner (Mateschitz), so I take the final decision.” (GMM)

  • Hawk

    please fight

  • Odd Lord

    @ hawk : yes please do, it has been some time since i saw a proper bitchfight :P

  • Steve

    These are really stupid stories, apparently intended for the sole purpose of trying to stir up controversy.

    Who’s in charge at Red Bull? Mateschitz is. And he’s friends with Webber, which is why Webber is still there in spite of actions which would have gotten him fired from most F1 teams.

  • johnpierrerivera

    It is going to be a classic power struggle at red bull this season not only with vettel and webber but also b/t marko and horner.
    more than likely the austrians will come out on top. the only way this will not erupt in to a calamity is if adrian newey stays ahead of the competition. winning takes care of everything, right? if not look for the some real fireworks between these four. it must be really strange going to work everyday at milton keynes with all the tension in the room. i wonder were marko’s and horner’s offices are and if they face each other when they are both present.

  • lol

    johnpier, sounds like wishful thinking. these are all BS stories, dont be so naive.