Italian media urge Alonso to chase down Vettel in 2013

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso after the Bahrain GP

The Italian press hailed Sebastian Vettel’s return to top form in Bahrain, whilst lamenting the bad luck that prevented Fernando Alonso from challenging.

“Although his car broke, he miraculously captured eighth place,” Tuttosport, referring to Spaniard Alonso’s mere points haul after a recurring DRS rear flap failure, wrote.

“But Vettel is on the run,” added the Italian daily. “He built his success on his ability to stand alone at the front, without having to compete with his opponents. If he can run away like a hare, he is matchless, and this time Alonso was out of action and Lotus too far away.”

Corriere dello Sport lamented Ferrari‘s bad luck, including the twice-failing DRS on Alonso’s red car, and two separate tyre problems for Felipe Massa.

“Rarely has a team been the victim of such bad luck as Ferrari in Bahrain,” wrote the national sports newspaper.

La Repubblica, Italy’s largest-circulation general interest newspaper, hailed Vettel’s command from the front, mere weeks after the damaging ‘Multi-21′ affair.

“The more his rivals berate him, trying to destroy him psychologically, the harder he strikes back,” read the editorial. “He wins with an incredible ease.”

But the Milan daily Corriere della Sera concluded: “Alonso’s eighth place amid adversity, although disappointing, testifies that Ferrari has huge potential.”

According to Germany’s Die Welt, Alonso agreed: “Without these problems I would have finished first or second, because the car is the best I’ve had in the last four years.”

  • k

    If Alonso doesn’t get the title with clearly the better car than Vettel, expect a surprise move by Ferrari signing up Vettel for 2014.

  • Not Bernie

    I hope that Vettel never moves to Ferrari. Not with so many other honourable teams on the grid. Might not have the history of Ferrari, but the recent history is fairly dirty.

  • ls

    Vettel would eat up Alonso raw if they teamed up.

  • Aberracus


    Vettel is not good without A.N. so no please, and he is a spoiled brat, theres no place in a TEAM for Vettel.

    in an equal car Alonso would eat Vettel Raw really

  • Apex Assassin

    Vettel would be nuts to join Ferrari while Luca di MonumentalNutter is still at the helm not to mention what RBR and Vettel have built could exceed Schumi’s achievements, and that’s no small task.

    The rumour that Ferrari has the passion or is a better racing team is just public relations to pacify a bunch of cultists and suckers.

  • Steve

    “The more his rivals berate him, trying to destroy him psychologically, the harder he strikes back”

    True, that. If I were Alonso and Hamilton I’d try saying NICE things about Vettel for a change. Insulting him is clearly not working.

  • Forza Ferrari

    @Apex Assassin

    You’re clearly a brainless idiot who doesn’t know anything! Ferrari is the biggest and greatest legend in the world and every racing driver wants to become a Ferrari driver one day, that’s a fact! Nothing can come even close to Ferrari! Your hatred of Ferrari is just so pathetic. Go to hell loser! Oh and by the way, Forza Ferrari!!!