Alonso would have challenged Vettel say pundits

Fernando Alonso in Bahrain

Fernando Alonso in Bahrain

Fernando Alonso would have been in the fight  for victory in Bahrain, according to pundits and including veteran Rubens Barrichello.

Before the race began, Mercedes‘ Niki Lauda was asked to name the likely winner.

“Fernando Alonso,” he answered, despite the fact Mercedes’ own Nico Rosberg was starting from pole. “We have to be realistic,” the Austrian legend added.

The Spaniard’s charge, however, was thwarted by a failing DRS rear wing flap, which had to be manually closed by Ferrari‘s mechanics during a pitstop.

It then flipped open again, forcing yet another pitstop and ruining his victory chances.

“If Alonso had not had the problem with the DRS, I’m sure he would have fought with (Sebastian) Vettel for the victory,” Barrichello, in Bahrain as a co-commentator for Brazilian television Globo, said.

Earlier in the weekend, the Brazilian had watched the action from the middle of the Sakhir layout, and named the Ferrari as among the very best cars in 2013.

“It is a wealth of data that leads me to say that Alonso would have fought with Vettel,” the 40-year-old insisted.

“The Ferrari is a great car, even with the DRS open, when Alonso lost just a second per lap,” added Barrichello.

  • Mel Ville

    I’m glad he’s in F1, but I’m growing terminally bored with people–many of whom should know better–talking about Alonso like he’s some sort of F1 SuperGod.

    The fellow hasn’t won a championship since 2006, he’s been in F1 forever; sure he has talent and experience, but so does Barrichello–and you see where he is now.

  • Aberracus

    Alonso has been the runner up in 2007, 2010, 2012

    And was in a very bad Renault in 2008-2009 waiting for a seat on Ferrari to open.


  • Apex Assassin

    Like or not, Alonso’s drive n Bahrain without DRS was amazing.

    I’ve no doubt he and Massa would have been fighting for the win and P2 had they not encountered the troubles they did.

    Alonso: “This is the best car we’ve made in 4 years…”
    – that about says it all, doesn’t it.

    Too bad it’s these early points that win the close title battles… Kimi and Seb are well poised for the long fight while the Red Fred team has some catching up to do.

  • .

    Alonso is now experiencing what Vettel did in 2010, namely having the fastest car…that breaks down or the team makes mistakes or having bad luck.

    Vettel still did it so Alonso should be able to pull it off too, if he as great as he likes to claim he is.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … unsatisfactory explanation. Doesn’t jibe. Crunch the numbers. See for yourself. Doing the math, given: (1) Fernando, on a three stop strategy; (2) finishing 8th behind Vettel, by a deficit, 37.574″. Subtract Fernando’s two extra stops for the broken DRS, figure 41 seconds, minimum. Differencing the 41 seconds from the 37.574″ margin, leaves negative discrepancy over 3″, from Fernando to Vettel, which implies, even with a broken DRS, Fernando would have won, by over three seconds? Now, differencing the gap from Vettel, back to Fernando, about 5 seconds at the time his DRS malfunctioned, for Fernando to have won, by over three seconds implies, had Ferrari not stopped the vehicle, twice, to fix the DRS, that Fernando would have made up 8 seconds on Vettel and won, with a broken DRS, stuck opened? Something’s fishy with Fernando’s car. Transitive preference logic implies, Ferrari’s running an illegal car, for Fernando. Specter looms large Ferrari’s found a way to cheat the DRS — asj.

  • johnpierrerivera

    well that was at least an exciting race from 2nd on back. there is gong to be a whole lot of people that feel Red Bull lucked into this win because one, Pirelli changed the allocation and two Fernando’s DRS wing issue took him out of the race. both are true but you have to give Red Bull credit and the pass on Fernando was quite good. usually the type Fernando puts on everyone else. i can’t help but feel we did not get to see the real race. the straight battle between Alonso and Vettel. hopefully next one out.  here are some more thoughts on the race.

  • Not Bernie

    We mustn’t forget that Vettel was gone in the first laps of the race, before Alonso had his DRS problems. After which he just needed to keep ahead with a buffer of a pit stop and that’s exactly what he did.

    You’ve got to love the nonsense the pundits find to write about – it’s about filling dead time on air, or filling column inches in their rag. Or the likes of this site getting more impressions for their advertisers.

    Could Alonso have done better? You must also consider that Kimi would have had him too.

  • Mark

    The topic is actually, Alonso would have challenged the fingerboy. the answer is yes. Doesn’t matter if the fingerboy made a gap of 4-5 secs during the first 3 laps. The problem was that Alonso’s rear wing flap failed to close. With the DRS open, Alonso is losing a second per lap due to lack of downforce during turns. At the same time losing another second on straight with the DRS closed. Imagine if the DRS is working both ways as it should be. F1 isn’t always about speed, it’s also about strategy. Do you recall how Fernando chased the fingerboy and took over the lead during the previous race? :D

  • fools

    to bad for the DRS flap jack shit.

    Alonso had Vettel on target. Great action first 2 laps.


  • Forza Ferrari

    Alonso and Massa could’ve definitely fought for the win if there hadn’t been so much bad luck. The F138 is great car, no doubt about it. Oh well, hopefully it will go much-much better in Spain. Ferrari knows exactly what to do to turn this bad luck around.

    Forza Ferrari!!!