Alonso’s model girlfriend Dasha Kapustina is his lucky charm

Dasha Kapustina with Fernando Alonso after the Chinese GP

Dasha Kapustina with Fernando Alonso after the Chinese GP

After securing his 31st win and ending a 13 race win drought, Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso may wonder how and why his luck changed – well he need not look much further than his companion during the weekend in China.

Last year ahead of the 2012 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, Fernando Alonso arrived in the paddock time flaunting his new flame, Russian model Dasha Kapustina. Three days later Alonso went on to win the race with Dasha smiling broadly in among the celebrating Ferrari crew below the podium.

Fast forward eight months, with no victory to his credit during that period, Alonso returned to his winning ways with a commanding victory in the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix.

Dasha Kapustina the model

Dasha Kapustina the model

Common denominator? Dasha Kapustina with him throughout the weekend – which also marked the one year anniversary since the couple were first seen publicly partying at a nightclub in Shanghai.

Granted Dasha was also at last year’s Korean Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix where her man finished third and second respectively. Still four podiums, two of which were victories, in the four races where she was present to watch Fernando is in our books a lucky charm.

Kapustina is a Russian model born in Vladivostok, Russia, on 13 December 1989. She studied Human Resources at the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia and has been dating Alonso since 2012.

The Spaniard,a two times F1 world champion, was married for five years to Spanish pop star Raquel del Rosario, the pair made public their divorce in December 2011.

  • Lla

    No, it was just the car that was a second faster than the rest and he was not even pushing it.

    The designer of that Ferrari won, not Alonso ;)

  • Liam

    Would bang.

  • babyboo

    shes too skinny..just offense

  • Chriso

    I’d bang her all day and night.

  • Yongky

    i would bang her.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Yea, she´s definitely very hot no doubt about it. I bet Alonso has a lot of fun with her. :)

    Way to go Fernando!

  • Twiinzspeed

    That is a pretty hot rabbits foot you got there. :)
    Ferrari is looking solid this year. Kudos to the team and another great drive by Fernando. Ferrari seems to be getting back on track well.

  • Lol

    Alonso wins in a dominant car: “what a great drive by a genius.”

    Vettel wins in a not so dominant car: “it’s just the car, Newey won.”

    Oh you hypocrites and your sour grapes :P

  • Nemo

    I’ll take his old lucky charm

  • jon

    quik bang bout it really , not much else to it

  • Grosser

    Meanwhile, another Russian, Vitaly Petrov makes climbing Mount Everest!

  • Project serpo

    F1 has jumped the shark pretend tyres, push to pass buttons, DRS, V6 engines that sound like some rice munching drift car, fans that carry on about drivers like they’re some X Factor contestant and journalists that put up stories like this that have nothing to do with racing.

  • seeing scarlet

    No, if she is going to be his “thing” his “charm” cool just go sit in the corner and shhhh

  • F1 Fan 4 A Long Time

    I heard pre-season that Rory Byrne overlooked the design of this car. It comes as no surprise to me that it is as good as it is.

    As the designer of Michael’s Benettons and Ferrari’s until he retired at the end of 2005, this quiet South African who rarely attends races is the reason they are performing well.

    He has recently recovered from a serious operation too. What a humble genius Rory Byrne is.