Webber has visited Porsche factory in Weissach

Daniel Ricciardo with Mark Webber

Daniel Ricciardo with Mark Webber

There is growing evidence that Mark Webber is contemplating a switch from Formula 1 to Le Mans-style racing with Porsche next year.

That is the claim on Monday of the major German newspaper Bild, who said negotiations between the famous Volkswagen-owned carmaker have already resulted in agreement about a three-year term.

Bild said Australian Webber, 36, has also already visited Porsche’s motor sport centre in Weissach, Germany, where the marque is “working on a project at Formula 1 level”.

The newspaper said financial terms have not yet been agreed, but that the deal is being led by Porsche executive Wolfgang Hatz, and involving Webber’s partner and manager Ann Neal.

Bild suggested the news about Porsche was leaked internationally by the Webber camp.

Red Bull is not commenting, but Bild said the main contenders for Webber’s seat next year are Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo.

In China at the weekend, Australian Ricciardo had the best weekend of his career, whilst driving for the Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso.

  • Roland Mez

    Re: Chinese Q-2 Qualifying and race
    It looks like RBR has found new ways of stacking the odds against driver #2 under the Guise of “Technical Problems”. The Bowser
    malfunction is total “B.S.”, since both cars were fueled within a relatively short time interval for presumably “EQUAL” amounts.
    Fake Pit Stops are another neat and hard to prove alternatives to
    make #2’s life difficult.
    Furthermore :- “Loss of right rear wheel” on lap#18, following the
    shunt with Vergne on lap #15, nose and tire change on lap #16,
    Vergne’s left front wheel hit Webber’s right rear wheel, obviously
    causing extensive damage to the right Half-Shaft was conveniently ignored by the pit crew (right rear wheel man). Tightening the wheel nut and spinning the wheel should have would have brought
    to light the damaged shaft in the process.
    P.S. Mark:- Good Luck for the rest of the season should you decide to stay on, if not then for any other future endeavours, especially with the prospect of joining Porsche’s 24HR LE-Mans
    P.P.S. Mark:- Bring that Fair Dinkum Okker Aussie, no Drinking with the Flies, Not Coming Down With The Last Rain, “Bad Assed”
    Attitude to the forefront for F-1’s remaining season, and show that
    “WOULD-BE SCHUMI” your rear end (of car #2)

  • Tod

    Dont condone violence but would love to see Mark wipe the smug smirk off of a certain German face before too long, either with the car or with the fist!!!!
    He should really tell his team were to go too but then they are only doing as their masters tell them arent they?
    No-one wants to be without a job today do they?
    Disgusting way F1 is going now!!!