Pirelli has a plan for Barcelona claims Lauda

Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres in the Shanghai paddock

Formula 1’s headline grabbing tyre situation is set to change after this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Pirelli’s heavily degrading 2013 product is dominating the sport at present, to the point that – according to Mark Webber – it is “a bit WWF”.

That is a reference to the American ‘fake’ professional wrestling federation, with that sport taking a back seat to choreography and elaborate plots.

“At the moment it (Formula 1) is not much to do with racing,” reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel was quoted on Sunday by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Like Red Bull, Mercedes has also been pushing Pirelli hard for a change of tack.

“Pirelli has a plan,” team chairman and shareholder Niki Lauda said on German RTL television in China.

It is believed new harder compounds that last longer will be brought to May’s Spanish Grand Prix, the first European race of the season.

“I can break the good news that the situation will change from Barcelona. Then it will get better,” said Lauda.

He said the decision has been made for the good of the sport.

“It’s just that there is so much confusion,” said the triple world champion. “The tyres need to last longer.”

Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone reportedly told British Sky television on Sunday that – also from Barcelona – Pirelli will supply more tyres to teams for Fridays, to ensure more action than has been seen in practice so far in 2013.

  • Evil Kenevil

    FIA wanted Pirell to produce tires that degrade like they to, to allow the teams to play out different strategies. Pirelli delivers the exact product FIA wanted and Pirelli gets discredited… Ungrateful little bastar**

  • McLarenfan

    Pirelli has only done what was asked and I do agree that it is wrong to give Pirelli the blame. I like others feel that the buck should stop with the bunch of parasites the FIA who are more interested in MONEY than the sport.

  • Hawk

    a tyre that is good for 6 laps!! what is that?

  • Apex Assassin

    I will still boycott Pirelli and their vomit inducing F1 tyres.

    Also anyone who believes the FIA asked them to make the tyres this poor is a sheep who believes anything in print and obviously didn’t/doesn’t follow F1 closely enough to comment.