Webber sent to back of the grid after running out of fuel in qualifying

Mark Webber

Mark Webber stopped out on track during Q2

Red Bull‘s Mark Webber was sent to the back of the grid for Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix after running out of fuel in qualifying.

Formula One’s governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) said the team admitted they had failed to put sufficient fuel in the car to get it back to the pits and provide a mandatory one litre sample.

The FIA said the car had just 150ml of fuel left in the tank. The Australian had qualified 14th after parking his car by the side of the track.

“This was out of my hands. I can’t be disappointed for my performance,” said Webber.

Team principal Christian Horner said the problem was with the bowser, the tank that holds the fuel for the rig to deliver to the car.

Mark Webber

Mark Webber

“On Mark’s in-lap we saw large drop outs in the fuel tank collector and the car unfortunately ran dry of fuel,” he said.

“The fuel bowser has been immediately quarantined for further investigation. It’s a shame as he would obviously have made Q3 (the top 10) today and the tactic with both drivers was to adopt the same strategy.”

Team mate and championship leader Sebastian Vettel, who caused a storm at the previous race in Malaysia when he ignored team orders and overtook Webber to win the race, qualified ninth after having to abort his one attempted lap in the final phase due to a brake problem.

However he qualified on the harder tyres and is likely to be leading the race when all those ahead of him on the softer rubber make early stops.

The German started from the pit lane in Abu Dhabi last year due to a lack of fuel in qualifying when fighting for the third title that he ultimately won. He told reporters he was concerned that Webber’s problem could be a similar one. (Reuters)

  • webbofan

    why always happens to webber

  • Peter

    I wonder how that happened….oops, this is the “shut up next time Mark”. F you red bull

  • Mahne

    Well and u say vettel isnt no1?

  • Barlow

    Is this the bowser that Vettle was working on prior to practice 3? There was a picture of…

  • McLarenfan

    Marko filled Marks car I saw him i thought it strange he was smiling.

  • Donna

    Abu Dhabi 2012 – Sebastian Vettel started from the pits (for the same infraction as Mark) and finished 3rd. Let’s see if Webber can match that or beat it.

  • BobMendon

    Nothing like life to give the conspiracy mongers red meat. Let’s see if Mark can really drive. At least he won’t be holding anybody up with one of his famous slow starts.

  • stewy33

    Come on Mark battle back and finish in the points.

  • Bert

    I saw Vettel near Marks car sucking on a garden hose…….??