Vettel: I don’t apologise for winning, I love racing so that’s what I do

Sebastian Vettel celebrates after winning the Malaysian GP

Sebastian Vettel celebrates after winning the Malaysian GP

Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel made clear on Wednesday that his apology to Red Bull for ignoring team orders at the Malaysian Grand Prix did not extend to any remorse about winning.

“I told the team straight after that ‘I apologise for putting myself above the team which I didn’t mean to do’,” the 25-year-old German said in an interview for team title sponsor Infiniti ahead of Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix.

“There’s not much more to say really. I don’t apologise for winning. I think that’s why people employed me in the first place and why I’m here. I love racing so that’s what I do.”

Vettel was told to stay behind leading Australian team mate Mark Webber at last month’s race at Sepang, with both drivers asked to ease off to save their tyres and fuel to ensure a one-two finish.

Mark Webber

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel during the post race press conference at Sepang

Webber was incensed when Vettel disregarded the instruction to hold position and overtook, giving his team mate the cold shoulder after the race once he had reminded him of the coded instruction ‘Multi-21′.

Team principal Christian Horner has explained that ‘Multi-21′ refers to car two (Webber) preceding car one (Vettel). The order ‘Multi-21′ would have been issued in the other one-two scenario.

The spat between the team mates, whose rivalry has had some notable flare-ups over the years including a collision in Turkey while fighting for the lead in 2010, is likely to be still simmering this weekend despite the team trying to move on.

Vettel said the Malaysian controversy had taken attention away from what was a great performance by the team at Sepang.

Sebastian Vettel wins the Malaysian GP

Sebastian Vettel wins the Malaysian GP

“Unfortunately, people didn’t say that we performed well on the day,” he said. “As a team I think we did a very good job and got a fantastic result.

“The whole race I think we worked excellently well with the tyres etc so I think that’s what people forgot. Obviously, what stuck in their heads was the way the race ended.”

Vettel was open-minded about Sunday, “We learned quite a bit from the first two races. China will be different again… I think we are still in the learning process.”

  • Apex Assassin


    I really hope Grosjean or somebody has a dramatic incident. Getting very tired of this story now.

  • the driver

    Yup, he’s just a punk. In NASCAR, he’d have the shit beaten out of him by now. Vettle might win more races, but as a person, he’s still a looser.
    For shame F1, for shame.

  • FTW

    Haha right on Vettel!

    The amount of sour grapes amongst the British media/fans is growing and growing, so funny to watch.

    Vettel is trolling them haha. Vettel is now amongst the top 5 of F1 drivers, he has that thing.

  • Hooters

    He is a zero. A nothing. If winning is all that matters, poison the other drivers. Crash them into the pitt wall. Block them in qualifying. Do all the dirty cheating things you punk.

  • Bert

    @ Hooters

    He is a zero. A nothing. If winning is all that matters…you said. Strong words.Well ,you must be the first person on this planet telling us …who ever is racing should not go flat out..because winning “really”means absolutely nothing. So I ask you….why bother racing in the first place ????? lol

  • Las

    Hooters confirmed for butthurt Alonso/Hamilton fan. Mad Vettel took away their spotlight? hehe.

  • Boycottthebull

    So the whole Redbull propaganda that we have been spun that Vettel is really sorry for what he did was all just another story. Marko has been out this week claiming he has nothing against Webber then says how great Kimmi would be with the team. What a bunch of dysfunctional back stabbing clowns. I have never seen any F1 in history conduct itself like this. I went from being a Redbull fan to now whoever beats them will be fine by me. I drink a new energy drink now, I couldnt come to terms that some of my money was paying for Vettel and Marko.

  • j

    If Vettel had told Mark “turn your engine back up I am going to race you” he’d have my respect.

    Now he’s just a little kid that stole candy from a store. No honour.

    PS: The comparison to Senna and Prost at Imola in 89 is entirely different. That was the restart, not the start, and that’s something that chip on his shoulder Nigel Roebuck won’t tell you.

  • BigRed

    well you just made me hate you more
    vettel winning = boring race
    he’s just a selfish asshole who got lucky

  • H

    It is funny reading the comments by the angry Vettel haters, hehe.

    Vettel did the right thing as a racer, Senna and Fangio would have applauded him. This is why they are multiple champions and Webber and Rosberg and Rubens never will win 1 title.

  • Ayrton

    Sebi knows that winning and winning only matters… that’s the goal in motorsport for every single driver. Everyone should race til the flag. And Mark should just accept the fact that he’s always “a car and a driver number 2″ in that team. There’s no question about it.

    Vettel did nothing wrong passing a team-mate… F1 rules considered. Inside the team it was completely dirty and evil thing to do but hey… he got 7 more points for the victory that might end up valuable in the end of season. Ruthless and intransigent drivers have always been there on the top. Look at Schumi, Senna, Prost, Piquet etc. They all played tricks and did this and that to win and to become a champion. That separates Vettel from Webber…

  • Butterfly

    In fact, he apologized right after winning the Malaysia race, but since he’s visited the psychologist – like Felipe does – and that person told him to not apologize because that’s what pu{ss}ies do.

    What a puppet.

    As soon as you have to go to a psychologist you’re damaged goods.

    All those years of winning races and titles in perfect cars have made him think he’s really good. Schumacher did the same until Alonso showed him how it’s done.

    He’ll show Vettel how it’s done, too. It’s going to be interesting.