Red Bull: There will be no more team orders by us

Dietrich Mateschitz (AUT) CEO and Founder of Red Bull. Formula One World Championship, Rd 11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Budapest, Hungary, Saturday 4 August 2007. BEST IMAGE

Dietrich Mateschitz not happy after Multi-21 saga

In the wake of the Multi-21 team orders saga in Malaysia and the negative publicity brought about by the whole affair, Red Bull has abolished team orders.

“There will be no more team orders by us,” the energy drink company’s motor sport director Helmut Marko told Germany’s Sport Bild on Wednesday.

Sebastian Vettel ignored the team’s instruction to stay behind leader Mark Webber in Malaysia recently, sparking the controversy.

The saga left team owner Dietrich Mateschitz “very unhappy”, Marko admitted.

The champions will be the focus of much of the media attention, despite Vettel apologising to the team and to Webber after the Malaysian race.

Christian Horner with Helmut Marko

Christian Horner with Helmut Marko

Team principal Christian Horner has said the matter has now been dealt with, and Red Bull’s unusually bland race preview made no mention of the controversy, but it is sure to be simmering still.

Webber, but not Vettel, has been listed for Thursday’s regular FIA news conference at the circuit which will give the Australian a platform to get any lingering grievances off his chest even if the initial fury has subsided.

Meanwhile Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has admitted the Multi-21 saga made him smile.

In the past, it was Ferrari copping the brunt of fans and pundits’ ire for risking pure sporting ethos by manipulating the order of its two cars.

Now, almost three weeks ago in Malaysia, Mercedes and particularly world champions Red Bull were in the spotlight.

Sebastian Vettel Mark Webber

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber on the Sepang podium

“Obviously both teams simply wanted to protect their positions towards the end of the race,” said Ferrari team boss Domenicali, “which is completely legitimate.”

Legitimate yes, but rivals teams – Red Bull included – have often in the past drawn attention to Ferrari’s willing disposition to impose team orders. This time, the criticism was elsewhere.

“I have to smile,” Domenicali told Germany’s Sport Bild on Wednesday, “when I think that in the past we were criticised for our philosophy of putting the interests of the team above all else.”

Referring to Multi-21 in Malaysia, he continued: “I don’t know the facts and the agreements that were made previously. I can only say that I saw one of the saddest podiums of my career.”

Nonetheless, Domenicali’s criticism of Vettel – for ignoring his Red Bull bosses – was muted.

“The fact is,” said the Italian, “Sebastian always brings out the maximum from his car, in a way that Mark (Webber) cannot always do.” (GMM)

  • Abood

    SV .. U R THE MAN …
    Webber ,, What a Loser!

  • Tinto

    The way Ferrari has been dealing anytime Vettel was in heated situations, carefully choosing the words, proves Ferrari respects and really wants Vettel in their team. It may also signal an agreement is already in place between Ferrari and Seb. I wish we can see a direct fight between Alonso and Seb in 2014 that will stop the ongoing debate who is a better performer, clearly none of them would accept #2 status. I do not think that will be possible, but if Seb wants the move, that may expedite major changes in Ferrari team, shortening Alonso stay. No offence to anybody, but I bet a beer Seb will make Ferrari shine.

  • Jaime Ferreira

    Paroles, paroles
    Words, Words

  • NeoGeoH

    Good news is Vettel won’t notice the ‘change.’ He doesn’t hear them anyways.

  • Steve

    Webber has never paid the slightest attention to team orders, so what was the point in having them?

  • Steve

    The great majority if F1 fans have always disliked team orders and cheered for drivers who ignored them.

    Until Vettel ignored them, at which point a lot of people suddenly stated writing truckloads of sanctimonious drivel abut how team orders are a sacred institution in F1 and anybody who ignores them (anybody who ignores them whose instals are SV at any rate) deserves to be burnt at the stake.

    What a pathetic spectacle. Who comes out of this looking the worst? F1 fans and F1 reporters.

  • the driver

    wonder if mark will support him if he is leading?

  • Hw

    “the driver”, Webber always ignored them and guys like you would applauded him.

    Now Vettel does it once and you all come out with hypocritical drivel how teamorders should be followed?

    No teamorders is the sporting thing to do and now Vettel can go for it like Webber was always going for it ;)

  • Steve

    “wonder if mark will support him if he is leading?”

    If he does, it will be for the first time in their four-plus years together at Red Bull.

    How can anyone calling themselves an F1 fan not know that Webber has NEVER given Vettel any support?

  • Bert

    There will be no more team orders by us…………..Way to go,way to go.About bloody time.Never liked this rubbish. I wanna see a proper winner….not a “made” to be one. Now we’re talkin’ racing!!!

  • Nemo

    RBR will go back to their tried & tested: Give new aero to Vettel only

  • coefficientf1

    Vettel doesn’t need Mark’s support. Webber is seldom close enough to him on track to offer it anyway. Webber is dreaming if he thinks he deserves equal status in the team. You can’t slow one guy down just to stop the other from having a hissy fit. Mark can’t get on terms with Seb consistantly enough to legitimately make a claim to equal no 1 status in the team and it doesn’t matter how much the team tries to massage the situation in Mark’s favour, Vettel will still be able to beat him.

  • delfino

    “Red Bull gives up using team orders”…yeah, right and the earth is actually flat and I had a party with Bigfoot and aliens last night LOL. That’s the biggest bullsh*t ever! Why the hell does Red Bull even bother coming up with these stories, we all know that Vettel is and always was the spoiled little “golden boy” in Red Bull and team orders have always existed in Red Bull to help Vettel. Dirty dogs and liars! Disgusting!

  • Steve


    When has Vettel ever been helped by team orders at Red Bull?

    Once or twice in the last few years RB have tried to assist Seb in his title challenges with team orders – but Webber has blatantly ignored those orders every time.

  • Steve

    “Give new aero to Vettel only”

    Lotus give new aero to Kimi only – but I never see anyone wetting their knickers about that. A lot of things which are completely normal in F1 only become THE BIGGEST OUTRAGE OF ALL TIME!!! when they involve Vettel.

    Drivers ignore team orders all the times. WEBBER ignores team orders all the time. And nobody much cared about any of that – until Vettel ignored team orders, at which point a lot of people started pretending that obedience to team orders is the Sacred Duty of every F1 driver.

  • Butterfly


    How the hell does an imbecile like you know how an F1 team should do business?