Domenicali: I’m happy for Massa, Alonso will be strong, Vettel never say never

Stefano Domenicali with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso

Stefano Domenicali with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso announced on Wednesday that he intends to retire as a Ferrari driver, while the Maranello team principal Stefano Domenicali appraised the form of Felipe Massa and once failed to deny that Sebastian Vettel has a future in red.

The double world champion, and former Minardi, Renault and McLaren driver, is now comfortably Ferrari’s ‘number 1′ and regarded as perhaps the very best driver on the grid.

And already with a long contract, the Spaniard said during a Twitter interview on the Maranello team’s website that Ferrari will be his final team.

“Yes, that’s what I’m going to do,” Alonso answered when asked if he will end his career in red. “It’s the best team in the world, there’s nothing above Ferrari.”

Stefano Doemnicali not denying a Vettel-Alonso super team in the future

Stefano Doemnicali not denying a Vettel-Alonso super team in the future

The only problem for the 31-year-old at the moment is that, right now, he is not necessarily the fastest Ferrari driver.

Felipe Massa is right back on top form, raising the possibility that it will be the once-beleaguered Brazilian who leads the famous team’s title charge in 2013.

“It’s too early to say,” team boss Domenicali told Sport Bild on Wednesday. “But, first of all, I am happy that Felipe is in good shape, and I’m sure Fernando will be strong when it counts.”

But even with Alonso undoubtedly the lead Ferrari driver, and Massa in top form, rumours Sebastian Vettel could have a future in red overalls will not go away.

Top three after Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying

Top three after 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying

Told that he once hinted that Alonso is better than Formula 1’s reigning world champion, Domenicali insisted: “I have never said that. You know that I think very, very, very highly of Sebastian. I take my hat off to him.”

“Even thought his critics say he had the best car and most of the luck, you only need to look at his statistics. His successes are simply facts,” the Italian said.

Domenicali even suggested that Alonso and Vettel could co-exist at Ferrari, “If both drivers are smart and the team manages the situation with clear rules”.

“Never say never,” concluded the Ferrari F1 boss. (GMM)

  • fools

    I cannot imagine Alonso retiring! He can probably race until he is 40. As for Vettel. I could care less if he went to Ferrari as I will not be a Ferrari fan when Alonso retires.

    Surely I love Ferrari cars. I just cant see Vettel in RED. I dont like it.


  • Butterfly


    There’s no doubt that he could race into his 40s. If his fitness is there, why not.

    As for Vettel, I think Ferrari could be in for a nasty surprise should they employ him one day. It’s kind of odd to think the guy driving those supperb RBR prototypes has won because he’s so much better than everyone else.

    But, I guess being a high-stress sport, some people – like Stefano – lose sight of what’s really going on.

    In the end, it’s their call, really.

  • Tinto

    Domenicali states the obvious, Ferrari needs a change, they have been nowhere in the last years since Nando has joined “en fanfare” the team. Facts matter… I may be wrong, but developing a car is a team work, it is not only engineers’ responsibility, there should be some feedback from the drivers. Do they really get the right one?Dunno… Anyways, let’s bring Seb and Alonso in the same cars and see what is going on. Chances are to hear on the radio, Alonso, Seb is faster… and that may happen right from the get go.

  • Forza Ferrari

    It’s great that Felipe is back to his very best, this will push Alonso to go even faster and that is good for Ferrari. Hoping to see both drivers having a great rest of the season.

    Forza Ferrari!!!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is half out, Vettel will replace him soon.

  • Butterfly

    A swap between Ferrari and Red Bull wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point. Domenicali just wouldn’t shut up about Vettel joining them.

    The Red Bull boss said that should Vettel leave, there would be nothing stopping Alonso coming there.

    I say bring it on. Ferrari needs to wake the f{uc}k up.

  • Butterfly

    …it was tough for Ferrari to fight Alonso at Renault, it’s going to be the ultimate nightmare to fight him at Red Bull.

    Now I really hope it happens. Some people just need to be taught a lesson from time to time, Stefano.

  • Alonsofan

    Stefano a two faced *ucker,its so pissing off when he has not given Alonso a competitive car in 2012,I recall in 2012 Ferrari were testing their Singapore rear wing till Austin cuz it was fundamentally flawed,I think if they hire vettel,they will be in for a nasty surprise.Rb6,Rb7 were like on average 0.5 sec/lap faster than the rest of the field in high speed circuits and Rb8 was also the class of the field…I will stop supporting Ferrari if Alonso leaves the team

  • AlonsoFan

    yeah last year Mitichetz or whatever his name is said that if Seb leaves RBR,there is no stopping for Alonso or Lewis to join them.But I want to see Alonso in a McLaren again,they show a bit more loyalty towards their drivers …or It would be lovely to see Alonso beating them in RBR.hahahahahahahahah

  • Hw

    Lol at all the Alonso fanboys crying in the comments, haha.

  • fools


    fan boys…?

    I think your just hating…but you commented still? stfu…and step off.

  • Butterfly


    Actually, we’re not crying at anything, it’s just an outrage at Stefano’s management style.

  • Steve

    “Rb6,Rb7 were like on average 0.5 sec/lap faster than the rest of the field in high speed circuits and Rb8 was also the class of the field…”

    Strange how cars driven by Vettel keep being faster than the rest of the field.

  • Butterfly


    Actually, it’s “cars designed by Adrian Newey”…

    Be careful with details like that, other idiots like yourself might start believing that Vettel can actually walk on water.

    I would have given anything to see him driving the F2012 last year, although at the start of the year, the RB8 wasn’t fantastic as Vettel likes his cars and it was Webber actually getting more out of it.

    OMG, and that early RB8 was still far superior to the Ferrari at that stage.

    The German’s arrogance might actually work best here since Ferrari will probably lose Alonso to Red Bull in a driver swap, Vettel will have his red car to struggle for podiums all year long, and Alonso will get that illusive fast car with which records are written.

    I really thought Ferrari were smarter than going for the glitter like that. I really did.

  • Haha

    Butterfly must be the most butthurt Vettel hater on this site, LOL at his tears of sour grapes.

  • harry harris

    yeahhhhhh me too AlonsoFan….. i willl no longer supporting ferrari if alonso leaves the team

  • Butterfly

    Me neither.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Alonso just said that he will retire at Ferrari, so there will be no Red Bull for Alonso you stupid Alonso fanboys/girls! Alonso would never go to that Red Sh*t team. “There is nothing above Ferrari”…Alonso’s own words. So stop your moaning and bitching idiots!

  • AlonsoFan

    @forza ferrari no offense mate but Alonso just drove the championship of a decade in 2012 and Stefano destroyes this by saying vettel is better,its pethatic.instead of giving him a fast car and doing his job,he brags on and on about the rivals.thats not like Ferrari,