Webber lucky to escape without penalty for Malaysia antics

Mark Webber squeezes Sebastian Vettel during the Malaysian GP

Mark Webber squeezes Sebastian Vettel during the Malaysian GP

Mark Webber may have been the victim of the Multi-21 team orders affair at Sepang, but the Australian’s on track behaviour also raised a few eyebrows in the process.

As his teammate Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders and launched an overtaking attack, Webber pushed the sister Red Bull almost into the pitwall at 300kph.

He then showed his middle finger to his German cohort, and after the chequered flag was flown, he swerved into Vettel at high speed in one final act of frustration and anger.

The FIA, however, remained silent, and not a single stewards’ investigation was launched.

“Other drivers have been punished for much less,” an unnamed boss of a rival team is quoted by respected Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt. (GMM)

  • Kimster

    RBR, get rid of Mark. Whining poodle. Has he never ignored team orders

  • Gilles

    I am against senseless punishments during the race so I don’t think Mark should be punished for any of this “offenses”, but it is also true that Schumi had a 10 place grid penalty for exactly the same maneuver against Rubens. And to remember all that furor after that race that Michael wanted to kill Rubens:D
    And after Malaysia the only guilty party is Sebastian, quite strange that is…

  • Hristo Itchov

    Just let them race dammit… all that interference from teams and stewards is ruining the racing!

  • Lol

    Schumacher puts Rubens into the pitwall: outrage, he is the anti-christ, ban him from F1.

    Webber puts Vettel into the pitwall: *chirp chirp chirp*


    Webber ignores teamorders 5 times: he is a hero, true racer, screw teamorders, Aussie grit mate!

    Vettel ignores teamorders once: outrage, he is the anti-christ, ban him from F1.

    The bias in the British media and British fans concerning German drivers is just hilarious to observe. It’s been 70 years already, get over the war.

  • Rich


    Yalla F1 isn’t the British media. It’s from the Middle East. Vettel fans, like yourself, are bigger crybabies than Alonso and Ferrari combined.

  • auf Wiedersehen

    I find it hard to believe that Herr Vettle didn’t follow orders. “I was just following orders” has become synonymous with Germans and is taught, from an early age as the answer to all controversy. He is a discrace to the Fatherland. As for Webber. Grow a pair and race him like he races you. Be prepared though as he will probably kick you a$&.

  • lol

    Rich, where did I say Yalla was British? Learn to read your own language properly.

    And you prove to be a Vettel hater by not pointing out the hypocrisy of the British media/fans. Any unbiased person would see this and point it out.

    So anyone that mentions those facts is automatically a Vettel fan? Get real british boy.

  • Abood

    MW is a slow cry baby and he is totally out of his league with a world class champion, SV.
    MW is a loser.

  • vnbrtzl

    There are some really screwed-up humans in this World, personified by self righteous sports car owners that can’t opine a strong argument. If somebody pushed me over to the pit wall at “Full Chat”, I would have popped his head like a zit once I got out of the car

  • slip_streamer

    In shear terms of consistency Webbo should get punished. When Maldonado swerved at Hamilton in spa got it, of course he actually made contact, but still.

    And yes finally someone points out the similarity of Rubens vs. Shumii and this incident.. The FIA need to be more transparent and need to at least explain why they do or don’t make some decisions.

    Are they going to allow drivers to to risk each others lives if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly? Serious B.S!!

  • mightyk

    …….and Vettel lucky to escape with all his teeth.

  • Rich


    And HOW did you come to the false conclusion that I was a Brit? Talk about closed minded.

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