No new 2014 Red Bull contract on the table for Webber

Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Mark Webber will leave Red Bull at the end of the 2013 season according to a report in major German newspaper Bild claiming they have information that the Australian will not get a new contract with the team.

But after the Australian driver hinted he might quit the team or Formula 1 in the wake of the team orders saga in Malaysia, Webber’s father Alan and partner and manager Ann Neal have confirmed the 36-year-old will be back at the wheel in China next month.

“There is no question whatsoever about Mark not continuing this season,” Neal told the Telegraph.

Beyond 2013, however, Webber’s future is much less clear.

Central to Webber’s management throughout his career, Flavio Briatore thinks the driver’s relationship with teammate Sebastian Vettel is now terminally broken.

Asked if one of them will leave Red Bull at the end of the season, the Italian told Rai radio: “For sure. I don’t think it can be fixed now.”

British journalist Bob Mackenzie agrees: “(Red Bull’s) next decision will be who will replace the Australian.”

Indeed, while Webber is this week surfing in his native Australia, Vettel on Tuesday was at work in the Red Bull simulator at Milton-Keynes.

McLaren‘s Jenson Button – now the most experienced Formula 1 driver on the grid – agrees that the impact of the Sepang saga for Red Bull is “big”.

“Even if they sit down and discuss it, it is not going to change the outcome,” he is quoted by British newspapers. “What has happened is still in their minds. It does not go away.”

Spain’s El Mundo newspaper adds: “Vettel and Webber have never got along, but now a wide gap has opened up between them.”

  • Project serpo

    The only way for redbull to repair the team is to get rid of Vettle and Marko with these two still at the team they will never convince a decent driver to sign only more pay drivers that are littering the grid already. The sport is suffering with the attitude of some of the current drivers , they aren’t acting as role models for up and coming drivers rather selfish and bad sportsmen. This situation should have been delt with in the Schumacher era and then maybe we wouldn’t have this current one with Vettle. He has shown all that is wrong with this sport that we all are passionate about. On one hand he demanded team orders be enforced to move out of the way a driver that he not only couldn’t pass but at that stage couldn’t even catch, then chose to ignore team orders to selfishly pass him once he knew his engine was turned down. He shouldn’t be above the team that employs him just because of his nationality.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @Project serpo

    I totally agree with you… They should get rid of Marko and Vettel..

  • Not Bernie

    Yes, Vettel made a mistake. A big one to ignore the team orders. But, he didn’t cheat the rules of the sport. That’s the big difference. Nor did he cheat us, the F1 fan.

    It’s up to the team to decide what to do with Vettel and hopefully keep Webber. I’m sure us F1 fans want to see two drivers able to win races racing against each other than what other teams have of a driver and stooge.

    Every year there’s reports of Webber not going to be in F1. Let’s do the sensible thing and wait until 2014 to see what happens. After all, 2013 is only two races in!

  • BobMendon

    “The only way for redbull to repair the team is to get rid of Vettle and Marko with these two still at the team they will never convince a decent driver to sign only more pay drivers that are littering the grid already.”

    Sure…good thing you aren’t a team owner! Go ahead and fire your 3 time World Champion driver because of a single mistake. Those cars don’t drive themselves and just who would you replace him with? It seems to me that too many people are piling on Vettel with only a third of facts. Nobody knows what took place before and during the race that may have influenced Vettel’s actions. Nobody knows what took place after the race or what is taking place now from the standpoint of Red Bull management. As for Webber, he needed to retire a couple of years ago. His contributions to the Red Bull team have not been stellar.

  • Project serpo

    Sorry you feel that way BobMendon but I think your missing the point don’t forget Prost was fired from Ferrari as a three times world champion just for criticizing the car imagen if he had disobeyed the teams principle. As for the Webber comment remember the team order situation at this team was insisted on by Vettle and Marko after Turkey 2010 to keep Webber from being a threat hardly needed if he’s performances were non stellar. Do you really think this KERS issue would have gone on for three years on Vettles car. My point is that no driver is above the team even if they are a three times world champion , this isn’t a comment on Vettle it is a comment on the sport in general. And if I was a team owner I’d feel the same way as my concern would be for the future of the team and its brand Vettle won’t be there for ever but the bad image that he has projected on the team just might.

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    Let’s see. Weber is off surfing at home… Vettel is in Milton Keys working the simulator. Weber is frequently off playing while Vettel is visiting tire and part suppliers to better understand the car, or at the factory working with the team or training with the simulator. Yeah, should definitely dump the hyper-committed 3 time WDC for a driver who has never won the WDC, but knows how to relax – makes perfect sense. Seriously? Want to know how you become the focus of the team? Make the team your focus. Vettel treats F1 and RBR as his career and life center. Weber treats RBR and F1 like a job. Is the young kid Vettel perfect? Hell no, not by a large margin. He’s ruthless, often a little over-zealous, and prone to youthful error – he’s just 26 after-al, can’t escape that. Is he good for Red Bull? His record proves that he is – ignoring that is beyond silly punditry. Vettel stays, time for Weber to move on.

  • F1 Neutral

    Vettel showed the ruthless desire and will to win last weekend – a desire we have seen in drivers like Schu and Senna.

    For some drivers it’s just not meant to be. Webber is one, Massa is another. One might think that Massa came close in 2008 but how many more unfair penalties could the FIA have given Lewis that year to keep it tight?!

    That’s why the list of world champions is such an elite list. Ok, some drivers like Villeneuve probably don’t deserve to be up there with the all-time greats but in the fastest car, he delivered.

    Mark always wins 2 races a year and just seems to be invisible for the others. Jenson seems to do the same.

  • Kimster

    Agree with Flash. Mark has not achieved much since he has been with RBR whilst Vettel enjoyed 3 WDC’s. Time for Mark to leave. Getting rid of Vettel. What a joke. Then they should have got rid of Michael in early years, Alonso in the current as well as Hamilton. These guys are all the no 1’s. What Ferrari did to Massa is far worse than someone using his killer instinct to race his teammate for a win. However, there is so much hype about RBR and all comes down to jealousy. They had the constructors and drivers championships for consequetive years and everyone take a stab at them because deep inside they know it is not going to be different this year.

  • Project serpo

    If you guys think crashing in to another car or forcing them off track or even passing a teammate when you know they have turned their engine down is what makes a great champion you guys are kidding yourselves. Sterling Moss had the chance to win a championship if he’d put blame on a driver for causing an accident when he fronted the stewards he chose to tell the truth and lose the championship he’s still one of the greatest drivers in history. Full respect to Lewis ( a driver I’ve never really followed) for his comment on wanting to win on his own merritt and not because he demanded it . I hope that at least some of the kids that are karting and one day may be on the F1 grid see these spoilt brat drivers that think ruthless is better than honor and decide to pick the later otherwise the sport will continue to go down the drain.

  • Apex Assassin

    I wouldn’t have offered him a contract, period.
    In fact I’d sack him and put Heikki in the car for the rest of the year.

    The only sad part to all of this is that Williams is just terrible enough to think putting Webber in the car might be a good idea.

    Webber needs to go. I don’t care where, just not in F1.

  • kartdoc

    Wow, how things change. The three times world champ got fired just for criticizing the car. Now the two times world champ has for years been putting the car in the gutters and he is still there. For those who think that Vettel is going away, that is wishful thinking, keep wishing.

  • spike

    I’m more than sure that there will be more fireworks coming. Next time Webber will not just politely give way when the egotistical spoiled brat tries to pass him. Webber will go all the way next time, even if it means that both of them end up crashing out. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY from Webber. And the finger boy can forget about any help coming from Webber. What finger boy and Red Bull did to Webber was just disgusting. Dirty f**kers!

  • JoeP

    LOL, like…where would Webber go? He doesn’t have anywhere else to go in F1, so if he wants to keep driving, he’ll keep bending over and taking it oh-so-demurely from the team!

  • Ed

    F1 is pretty much dying anyway. Expensive, tv-rights sold to advertising-horny commercial channels. Pay drivers. Crap tyres. As a webber fan I hope he can end his career with a bang. He’s still f-ing fast. Even if it’s only just to make vettels life difficult. The guy loves to race, gloves are off!

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