Red Bull billionaire Mateschitz backs Webber in team orders saga

Mark Webber with Dietrich Mateschitz

Mark Webber with Dietrich Mateschitz

With the full consequences of Red Bull one-two Malaysian Grand Prix team orders saga still unresolved, Mark Webber’s father has ruled out claims the Australian’s position is now untenable.

Although it was Sebastian Vettel who ignored the team order to win at Sepang, it could be argued that the only real issue is that Webber, 36, is refusing to accept his status as the reigning champion team’s de-facto ‘number two’.

Alan Webber, however, insisted his son has the full support of Red Bull’s most influential figure – Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz.

“I’ll say this,” Webber snr told Australia’s ABC on Tuesday.¬†“I read the text (message) that Mr Mateschitz sent Mark and I think Mark’s position is assured.”

He suggested the only driver in trouble with the Red Bull management is reigning triple world champion Vettel, 26.

“The team aren’t altogether happy with Sebastian I’m afraid,” said Alan.

Webber’s dad said Vettel has issued apologies all round, but “I know (the team) aren’t happy with him at all”.

Alan also said Vettel’s reputation in the wider Formula 1 community has taken a big knock.

“Up and down the pitlane I even had FIA people come up to me and say they felt sorry for him (Webber),” he said.¬†“Mark hasn’t lost any credibility at all; it’s probably Sebastian (who) has lost an awful lot.”

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