Red Bull billionaire Mateschitz backs Webber in team orders saga

Mark Webber with Dietrich Mateschitz

Mark Webber with Dietrich Mateschitz

With the full consequences of Red Bull one-two Malaysian Grand Prix team orders saga still unresolved, Mark Webber’s father has ruled out claims the Australian’s position is now untenable.

Although it was Sebastian Vettel who ignored the team order to win at Sepang, it could be argued that the only real issue is that Webber, 36, is refusing to accept his status as the reigning champion team’s de-facto ‘number two’.

Alan Webber, however, insisted his son has the full support of Red Bull’s most influential figure – Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz.

“I’ll say this,” Webber snr told Australia’s ABC on Tuesday. “I read the text (message) that Mr Mateschitz sent Mark and I think Mark’s position is assured.”

He suggested the only driver in trouble with the Red Bull management is reigning triple world champion Vettel, 26.

“The team aren’t altogether happy with Sebastian I’m afraid,” said Alan.

Webber’s dad said Vettel has issued apologies all round, but “I know (the team) aren’t happy with him at all”.

Alan also said Vettel’s reputation in the wider Formula 1 community has taken a big knock.

“Up and down the pitlane I even had FIA people come up to me and say they felt sorry for him (Webber),” he said. “Mark hasn’t lost any credibility at all; it’s probably Sebastian (who) has lost an awful lot.”

  • Durptron5000

    You would have respect for a man that accepted being number 2?? That’s the most wack shit I’ve ever read?? No I can’t be argued that Webber should accept his number two spot YallaF1…I swear sometimes the articles here are so outrageous and such reaches.

  • fools

    He suggested the only driver in trouble with the Red Bull management is reigning triple world champion Vettel, 26.

    “The team aren’t altogether happy with Sebastian I’m afraid,” said Alan.

    “Up and down the pit lane I even had FIA people come up to me and say they felt sorry for him (Webber),” he said.

    ”Mark hasn’t lost any credibility at all; it’s probably Sebastian (who) has lost an awful lot.”
    You see, Alonso will never be looked upon or talked about like how the above quotes have been directed towards Vettel. Thats the difference Vettel fan boys. lol


  • Apex Assassin

    Vettel’s radio comment was fairly rotten, but it’s not as bad as Alonso or Hamilton have been, so it’s fairly normal.

    Vettel ignored team orders and stole a win. I’m sure Red Bull are just distraught that their 3 time WDC won ahead of his teamie for a 1-2 finish. The rest of this is a laugh.

    I’m gald Vettel did it. It saved a terribly chaotic race for being entirely boring. Plus he is the better driver and was faster, so he won. I’m fine with it. He’s been beating Webber every year since he came into F1 so I don’t see the issue. In fact I’d ditch Webber and put a real second driver in the car.

  • frede

    While I am not a fan of Bernie Ecclestone this quote sums things up: “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”

  • BobMendon

    Webber has always failed to accept his status as number 2. I’m amazed that only in the last 24 hrs did some of Webber’s dispicable behavior came out with his middle finger salute and cutting in Vettle during the cool-off lap or the way he nearly put Vettel in the wall during the race. This whole incident is manufactured for the sake of covering up the fact that Red Bull management wanted to give Webber a win on his 200th race as a publicity stunt and Vettel wouldn’t have it.

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    fools… Every quote noted was from one source – Weber’s da. The dude is in his thirties and pops is there standing up for him? Vettel is 26, nothing but a kid, and we have none of his parental units coming to his rescue against the evil bullies bashing him. What or whether the Red Bull top dog might have said interpreted by Weber’s daddy is irrelevant and rediculous. This is F1, not kindy garten for cripes sake. Oh yes… one has very little digging to do to find more than a few unkind words written and said about Alonso in his career… like most recently his Mac daddy season of shame. We won’t reprint those and others here.. maybe some of the offended’s daddies can do that for us? What a joke this whole issue is. Team orders are rubbish, always have been. Bravo to any driver who ignores them when they know they are rubbish – like many champions of the past, before F1 became so sissified.

  • ALL4IT

    “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”

    Although it came out of a Billionaire’s mouth and someone ‘…..’ enough to quote it here, it is stupidest quote came out of Bernie’s mouth, winner or loser is praised & remembered by its integrity and honour, SV doing a Mike Tyson doing a Evander Holyfield and he always will win this way. ‘good loser’ what does it even mean? MW by no mean a good loser, the story hasn’t ended yet… and SV better watch his back… it is the dumbest quote came out from a figure such as Bernie. a statement with no moral compass. no good winner and good loser here either.

  • Hugo

    Obviously Mr. Webber is pulling all stops trying to defend his son, which is commendable, by trying to create as much controversy as he can.
    Doubtful that a successful business person like Mr. Mateschitz would shoot himself in the foot, by mistreating Vettel, and choosing sides with a mediocre driver like Webber. Now, he has a tough situation in his hands, as he would like to “discipline” Vettel, to back up Horner, (help him to save face, would be a better description) when in fact, what he should do is get rid of Webber for next race. As it is, the situation at RB is untenable, and a lose lose dilemma, so long as Vettel and Webber are together.
    If by any crazy decision he would opt to back up Webber, he will have thrown any chance for a 4th world championship. He has to know that Webber is just not a capable driver (9 victories in 11 years of career at F1 is not enough) Perhaps the worst starter in all of racing, he regularly loses several positions at the beginning of almost all races.
    Webber is trying to play the role of victim in Malaysia’s race, as if he was entitled to a gift from the team, when he had done little to earn the victory. I’ve heard enough B.S. about him being betrayed by Vettel, and thus justify his loss. Check his time sheets, and you will see that had RB not betrayed Vettel on round 5, by calling him up way too early and setting him with hard tires, when the track was still wet, he would not have been in 1st place, to begin with. His motor was not dialed down, as he would like us to believe, as he fought as hard as he could, almost stamping Vettel against the wall, and simply lost to a faster driver, after an enjoyable fight, for a couple of laps. True, he reduced his speed, but after he had lost the 1st place, and not one second before. ….In case that some of you have forgotten, there’s Interlagos 2012, where with the championship on the line, he did all he could to stop Vettel from winning, and this is the guy who cries wolf ?? After such treatment, what right did he have to expect any favors form Vettel ?? In a way, Webbers position is understandable, as it must be very hard to accept that his much younger, and much more talented team mate has won 3 WC, while he has won nothing must be eating him alive with jealousy
    It’ clear that Horner screwed up badly by issuing those insane orders (guess he felt he needed to show his manhood to Vettel and let him know who rules the team?) but by doing so, he has created an untenable situation for the team, as long as both Vettel and Webber are still teammates.
    If I can blame Vettel for anything at all was for apologizing. Why? For doing what he is supposed to do? Normally, you get all kind of accolades for such feats, but the ego of Horner and Webber’s hypocrisy threaten to be the downfall of this well oiled machine, unless radical actions are taken.

  • TIMO

    There are too many Germans on this site with negative comments, we all know who’s at fault here, it all started from a very gutless Team Principal, Christian Horner that is, then follow by a spoilt little brat that reminds me of Hitler, takes no prisoner attitude, then this whole god damn team orders which is totally waste of time. The biggest loser out of this race was Mark Webber, I have always supported Red Bull racing including it’s drivers, but after Malaysia they lost my support. Webber should now take matter in his own hands by racing hard whoever, whenever, because now he should knows he will never ever trust Chrisitian Horner or SVettel.

  • Obviously

    Anyone whom see this differently than @Hugo below, well, just doesn’t have their head screwed on straight. There quite well may have been some underlying measures and reasoning to help Webber to a top step.. And justified maybe internally, by long term strategy as they know that webber won’t have many chances to be at the front. But c’mon. You have a triple consecutive world champion in a quicker car and with loads more talent and speed. Did anyone really expect Vettel to sit and be a punk.. Ridiculousness othe part of anyone who might have assumed that would take place… media, paddock, forums, drivers, daddies, all of the above and more.. This whole thing is a joke. SV won’t have to answer for anything.. This is all a charade. I am not even a Vettel fan… But definitely Mark Webber is super weak. Not sure of anyone remembers Korea 2010? Webber crying to every FIA official he cold find to cancel the race…. Weakness at the highest level. Lucky to have a seat, or even a job for that matter…

  • marina


    Perfect wrap up for the entire story.

  • SEB

    This is just another ozi making a puzi of himself. Redbull must back track and think carefully. with a new title sponsor this is not how they should start. grand dad web is not a team member. he does not represent redbull. bringing names in is just disreputing redbull as a whole team. every one should shut up. if anyone agrees racing is wrong, then vettel did something wrong. what redbull did was disreputing f1 as a sport. yes there is something bigger called a team. but those radio calls and every thing else should have been handled different. if flavio was wrong fixing a race result, where does horner stand. so stop adding fuel to the fire. let it go, let them race and the rest of us should just watch.

  • Hooters

    @Hugo, did it occur to you that Webber’s starts are determined by the team setting the clutch grab point on the warm up lap? The bad starts from Webber might be out of his hands. That’s an easy way to favor Vettel which is actually out of Webber’s hands. In Australia the team lost telemetry and admitted that this caused Webber’s slow start, so I’m not making this up. It is a real reason why Webber could be starting badly, always helping Vettel.

  • nakagoli

    The headline is not the best. This is a comment by the father of Webber, NOT a comment by Mateschitz himself. What would you expect Webbers father to say?

    It is now being reported that Webber will not be getting a 2014 contract from Red Bull.

  • Kimster

    Go daddy go daddy. For goodness sake. Who is Mark’s father to make comments as if he has links to the top structures in F1. This is getting boring and people just want to derail Vettel for his bid to have his 4th WDC. And he is going to get it. We want to see wheel to wheel racing and how on earth do a team tell his drivers to keep position when there is 12 laps left. same with Mercedes. F1 has become artificial and not a pleasure anymore. Keep the chin up Vettel, stupid call by RBR so they should take the wrap.

  • splinky


    Some thoery you got going on there. Why dont we read what Mark Webber’s ex race engineer has to say about that:-

    “Mark doesn’t normally get the best of starts.”

    Ciaron Pilbeam made the comment in a discussion with Sky Sports F1 pundit and former racer Anthony Davidson, who added:

    “The initial uptake of the clutch is good, his reaction from the lights going out, around about two and a half to three tenths of a second in reaction time, is good and matches Vettel. But it’s what happens after that which is important and his feeling of the wheelspin and when to apply the KERS—the details of a start—is slightly missing compared to Seb.”

    and your baloon goes “POP”

  • gav

    just one little point. vettel is employed and thus works FOR red bull. if i turned up at work and behaved like that, well you know what would come next dont you! no difference.
    i totally respected vettel up until this incident and didnt he put himself in the gap against the wall, not to mention OVER the pit exit line whilst risking the property of red bull! they decide when he should risk the equipment, not he. and its not just about racing. this is like the difference between f1 and touring car whilst comparing football and chess.its a thinking mans game and also a business!

  • JVAL

    For all the Vettal backers that feel that Webber is nothing but a idiot. Let me just say one thing if I may. If all that life is about is winning and winning at whatever cost then we live in a pretty sad world I think. Forget what kind of driver Webber is or has been in the past. That is not the issue here. I think that what you have here is something like two boxers. The bell rings and the round ends. But after that bell rings then one of the boxers decides to throw in one last punch. The other guy is not expecting it because the rules state that the round is over. That punch in turns knocks out the other boxer. Everyone complains and says that the boxer that got knocked out was an idiot and should have been ready for the punch because anything goes. It’s all about winning and the guy that got punched out deserved it and should have been ready. I think that Vettal did something incorrect here nothing less and nothing more. It’s not about Vettal being a bad person or Webber being an idiot. At least that is what I think for what it’s worth. I don’t know why we all need to blast one or the other of these two guys. This is just car racing we’re not curing cancer.

  • pulltheotherone


    did you quote his race engineer first hand? and if so your still relying on the race engineer’s account. webbers KERS seems to be coming from the ‘rejected’ side of the QA department…dosent matter which way you look at it. who are you to rubbish a theory?

  • pulltheotherone


    ‘red bull betrayed Vettel’

    well thats a first

  • splinky


    “did you quote his race engineer first hand?”
    Yes I did. I copied the URL but it didnt appear in my posting. You may google the article. Its on

    Ciaron Pilbeam was MW race enginner for the past 5 years and I believe Ciaron Pilbeam would be in a better position to comment on what is wrong with MW starts than some highly prejudiced armchair comentators.

    You guys seem to beliieve rather strongly that MW starts are out of his control and its down to RBR attempts in sabotaging him (like I have never heard of that one before). What are your views based on? How did you come up with that conclusion?

    You believe what you want to believe. When I see someone commenting BS, I merely countered it with facts. Cant deal with it? Then dont. Like I give a damn.

  • LOL at Comments

    Most of you have missed the BIG issue here and the one that made Dietrich a rather unhappy chap in all this.

    Sponsors keep Red Bull Racing going.
    Sponsors do not like to see themselves portrayed as supporting anti-sportsmanlike behaviour.

    THIS is the crux of the matter, and why Dietrich will not be happy.

    It has hurt/tarnished the name Red Bull as supporting cheats, and promoting anti sportsmanlike behaviour.

    DM has already assured Webber there is a car there for him to drive, if Mark wants to drive with them.

  • JimBo

    Red Bull helps you cheat!