Hamilton: Red Bull have always had a clear one and two, we don’t

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Lewis Hamilton has turned his fire on Formula 1 rivals Red Bull for suggesting after a controversial Malaysian Grand Prix that he has joined Mercedes as their clear number one.

The race at Sepang was dominated by controversial team orders issued by champions Red Bull and Mercedes but Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko said afterwards that his team had a different approach to Hamilton’s.

“The team will have a word because we have to control the drivers,” the Austrian told Sky Sports television after world champion Sebastian Vettel had won by ignoring instructions to remain behind team mate Mark Webber.

“It’s not like at Mercedes where it’s a clear number one and number two. Basically we treat the drivers the same,” added Marko.

Lewis Hamilton versus Nico Rosberg in Malaysia

Lewis Hamilton versus Nico Rosberg in Malaysia

Speaking to British reporters, Hamilton said that was nonsense and he and Germany’s Nico Rosberg had equal status.

“They (Red Bull) have a clear one and two, they always have,” he said. “And that is why they have always had the problems they have had.

“We don’t have a one and two here (at Mercedes). I have always said, from the moment I was speaking to the team, that I wanted equality.

“I am not a driver that comes and requests that (favoured status) like a lot of other drivers do. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror (and say) you won fair and square.”

Hamilton finished third at Sepang, the 2008 world champion’s first podium for the team since his move from McLaren at the end of last season, while Rosberg was fourth after being told to stay behind. (Reuters)

  • Adam22

    Hamilton is right, there is no 1&2, it is just Hamilton!

  • SonofaGunAdam


    That is like saying you don’t have a mum or dad and have a tranny for your parents ………………………

    exactly bwhahaha

  • Aniruddh

    Helmut Marko, always, ALWAYS speaking out of his ass. Dumb f**K !

  • Ryan

    “while Rosberg was fourth after being told to stay behind.”…..EQUALITY!

  • Rabih Fares

    That’s why rosberg has been told to stay behind…there’s no team orders at all!

  • Hooters

    Lewis = honest, Vettel = liar.

  • Henk

    Lewis Hamilton seems to have grown up a bit, but his learning curve is quite slower than his fellow drivers. He just doesn’t get what F1 is about and thinks its about ‘driving your tires off’, ‘pushing’, ‘going to the limit’. Boring.

    Funny how most teams or drivers like to say every other team has 1 & 2 drivers, but not them. We are tired and we simply don’t believe it at all. Cars are designed with one driver’s style in mind, the other better adapt. And it makes sense because you need one driver to win while the second takes points off the number 2s of other teams. The fallacy in ‘letting both drivers race’ is that it creates the huge risk that both drive each other off the track scoring zero points. No team wants that.

    The only people who seem to dislike ‘team orders’ are ‘fans’ who cannot appreciate the cunning long term strategy of the team, the many strategic choices regarding fueling and tyres or each driver, etc., but instead want ‘wheel to wheel’ racing. As if that didn’t happen between number of drivers of different teams.

  • Safrimike

    Amen Henk!

  • Mark

    Mercedes told both Hamilton & Rosberg to turn engine down same as Redbull told Vettel & Webber to turn engine down as well.

    the only difference is Hamilton, Rosberg & Webber followed team instruction to turn down the engine where vettel didn’t.

    so it proves vettel is out for himself and not the team!!!!

  • Hawk

    its you who has such a short selective memory. wasn’t Lewis supposed to win 6/7 races last season? were the tyres different? I would not be surprised if you kept on blabbering about Button being a tyre whisperer. are you really that forgetful? No. I do not think so. I think you choose to. get a life man..

  • F1 Neutral

    I believe Lewis when he says he’d rather win fair and square. He’s one of the top 3 drivers of this generation, probably the fastest over a single lap, so why would he want better machinery than his team mate.

    Unfortunately for Lewis – he has definitely been number 1 at McLaren before, but I would say that it was the teams decision to make him number 1, and not his own. If Mercedes didn’t regard Lewis as their main chance for a title the they would have let Rosberg through.

  • Manish

    This bit made me laugh!

    Lewis after a controversial Malaysian Grand Prix that he has joined Mercedes as their clear number one.

    Anything to stick the boot in hay. lmao!

    I wondered where all the “News Of The World” journalists had gone. lol

  • Henk


    I think my memory serves me well. After all, as you say, I have no life so I have plenty of time to remember. I said ‘most’ teams, where McClaren is the one where driver rankings matter the least. That said, I think there is a case to be made that McClaren designed their cars with Hamilton’s driving style in mind. He did like the car last year, and we was quick, until the car (not the tyres) broke down. And I suppose I will have to surprise you but saying that I don’t think Button’s ability to keep tyres, or lack thereof, has anything to do with it. In fact, it seems he only managed that in special situations (weather permitting, the circuit).

    But of course you make the very insightful remark that I get a life. May I ask you where to start? :)

  • Hawk

    forget about the “get a life” bit.
    when you say that Lewis was winning last year because the car was designed with his driving style in mind, then you say that he does not look after his tyres, =>(you imply that) with last year’s McLaren design however much Lewis tried he would not destroy the tyres. That he would be aggressive all he cared and still win without destroying the tyres. I do not think that is true. Infact my thinking is that McLaren is at sea now because without Lewis driving they are struggling to bring it up to speed. Case in point with the current McLaren I believe Lewis would have done better than he did in the Merc in Melbourne, Jenson was 9th. Jenson was targetting 5th at Sepang => Lewis would have been 3rd ahead of the Mercs. therefore your tyre thing is so yesterday, cant even recall when. why does Jenson come in? because you can only judge a driver’s destruction of tyres by looking at their teammate.