Alonso’s 200th grand prix ends in the gravel after one lap

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F138 crashes out of the race

Fernando Alonso crashes out of the race

Fernando Alonso’s 200th Formula 1 race was one for the Spaniard to forget after the Ferrari driver crashed out on the second lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Alonso, who roared to an unlikely victory on the same circuit in an uncompetitive car a year ago, started from third on the grid and damaged his front wing when he nudged pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel on turn two as he fought for the lead.

With all drivers starting on intermediate tyres following a heavy downpour, Alonso struggled for grip due to his damaged wing and was challenged for second place by Vettel’s Red Bull team mate Mark Webber towards the end of the opening lap.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso walks away from his wrecked Ferrari

The Spaniard opted against coming into the pits to repair the damage and his race was soon over as the front wing gave way and became wedged underneath his car as Webber overtook him on the finishing straight.

Alonso slid into the turn one run off area and the double world champion was soon making the long and lonely walk back to the paddock.

”Bad luck today, as always over 19 races will be compensated and we are ready to recover good points in the next race!” said Alonso.

  • Butterfly

    It’s like any celebration Ferrari attempted in the last years has turned to dust.

    * Sixty years in F1 (2009): dog-sh{i}t.
    * 800th grand prix for Ferrari: the cars were barely making the turns.
    * Fernando’s 200th GP: Armageddon.

    The only celebration that worked was Silverstone 2011 with 60 years since the first win, and they won that race.

    If there is a God, it’s not very friendly with Ferrari, although, I have to say, the terrible start to 2001 made Aldo Costa leave and Pat Fry take that role. Then there’s the end to 2010 which forced changes to the strategy team.

    So all bad incidents lead to improvements.

    Seeing how all the cars Nicholas Tombazis has designed have been monumental failures, maybe this guy’s the last rotten apple at the Scuderia.

  • Maranealo

    Poor 200th gp for alonso…. Massa will do the rest of the season.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    It was again Alonso’s own mistake. The team called him in, but he overruled it.

    Ruined his own race.

    Can blame himself.

    He is clearly going down. Outpaced by a slow Massa, losing titles in a row, making big mistakes, etc.

    Too old & weak for this game.

  • Butterfly

    You wouldn’t want him to retire, visz963. You’d have nothing to talk about.

    That is one hot Spaniard, I have to say. :-)

  • Lol.

    His own fault at the end of the day. Alonso just didn’t show up today. Poor form.

  • Butterfly

    *OR*, you could watch the race again and see Vettel almost stopping in front of Alonso thus causing the collision.

    But even then, you’d still have the weirdest GP in recent memory. I mean, the number of mistakes made up and down the pit-lane is astounding.

    March 24, 2013 was a weird day.

  • Lol.

    No, Butterfly, you watch it back and see Alonso drive into him.

    Seriously, I often agree with you about things but you need to see that while Alonso is great he isn’t bulletproof.

  • Not Bernie

    I did enjoy watching Alonso crashing out. I honestly couldn’t muster up any sympathy for him at all.

    Also enjoyed watching Massa out qualifying him. Again.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    I was expecting this kind of @bittertfly filthy rubbish. Vettel forced Alonso to crash into him….

    Try crashing into somebody from behind on the road, and convince the policemen. Good luck.

    Your a genius. In lying to yourself.

  • Joe Kinnear

    I’m still wondering why he opted NOT to pit… :-O

  • Evel Knievel

    On this occasion Alonso looked like the biggest n00b out there. Not pitting with that much damage made all Ferrari look like proper idiots…

  • Forza Ferrari


    Just stick to talking about Alonso will ya! *facepalm*
    Your first comment here is just a load of crap. You don’t know anything about Ferrari and only know how to insult them, so shut your damn pie hole! Your ignorant blabber is getting really annoying.