Massa: The car is ten times better and I feel happy and more comfortable

Felipe Massa arrives in Sepang

Felipe Massa arrives in Sepang

The Formula 1 specialist media are still interested in what they see as Felipe Massa’s dramatic upturn in form which dates back to the mid-point of last season and which, in Melbourne last weekend, delivered a strong fourth place for the Brazilian.

The man himself sees things in far more simple terms. “The car is for sure much better and we have already showed throughout the Australian weekend, practice, qualifying and the race, that it is more competitive than last year. The car is ten times better and I feel happy and more comfortable than I did at this time last year, when I struggled to understand the car. This year I can be much more consistent and the car is easier to drive, which is pretty good for the team and also for me.”

Even if the Scuderia tops the points in the constructors’ classification after a single round, Massa is too experienced to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa during the Australian GP

“Remember, in qualifying we were one second slower, but track conditions were not consistent, so it is hard to judge where we really are,” he cautioned. “In the race our pace was excellent, maybe the best, when our tyres were in good shape. Our level of tyre degradation was higher than Kimi’s, but it was reasonable when compared to the other cars and that is definitely positive. It is something we need to work on to get better in both qualifying and the race.”

“Overall, Australia went well for us and we need to make sure we progress race by race now. The situation could be completely different at this track and we need to wait and see. Maybe we will have a clearer picture of what is really the gap between us and the others in qualifying, either negative or positive. It is also true we had a good race pace when compared to the Red Bull, after it had been quicker than us on Saturday. This will be an important weekend to understand as much as possible about the car and the tyres.”

With regards to his teammate Fernando Alonso reaching the 200 grand prix milestone, Massa said, “It is definitely an important number: 200 Grands Prix is possibly over the halfway point in a career isn’t it! It’s a nice occasion. He has driven so many great races and won two championship titles and so this is definitely a special moment, so congratulations to him for that.”

  • Not Bernie

    “The car is ten times better” said the ex-racing driver Felipe Massa.

  • Apex Assassin

    How long will the Paulista allow himself to be used like a prostitute?

    I hope Sepang is just like Melbourne and Massa is AGAIN faster than the Torito and I walso hope the pitwall shows favouritism to the Torito again. Maybe then Massa will grow a pair and join a team where he can actually race!

    Besides, if he doesn’t mind being P2, he can got to RBR and get paid and finish ahead of Alonso for 90% of the season…

    No wonder Ferrari is joke.

  • Butterfly

    Apex Assassin:

    For your information, Massa qualified better than Alonso by .003 seconds because Alonso’s DRS didn’t work on the main straight. So that takes care of the “faster” argument.

    Regarding the race, Alonso was smarter by pitting at the right time and jumped not only Massa but Vettel too. After that, we was probably the fastest car on the grid.

    And, lets not forget, Massa doesn’t seem to be able to overtake during a race unless he’s given the place – like Hamilton did. I saw this last year, too. You put him in traffic and he just maintains his position, he never advances like Alonso does.

    He held Fernando up for 20 laps and hurt Ferrari since they could have won that race.

    Felipe needs to cut the crap, he’s not going to win any WDC. Ever.

  • seeing scarlet

    Personally I was impressed with Massa after the crash he had, Massa hit that wall hard and still qualified.

  • Nowhereman

    So much hatred and bad Karma.
    Felipe will have a great season this year and put a lot of you experts back in the crapper where you belong.
    I’m going to laugh at you as you flush down…..

  • quattro

    Fillippe, mate,

    we all know that you THINK you are way faster than what you in reality are. We also know that you overestimate your ability in different areas (refer to the stats of your career for cold facts)…all that is fine, no problem. BUT, stop getting your slow, passive ASS in the way of ALO!! You effectively made your team and team mate loose a more or less given victory in AUS last week-end, and the team and yourself did gain NOTHING from that!!! You still finished were you usually finish, in the midfield.

    You are very welcome to defend your position and race your team mate, BUT when your team mate is behind you and is clearly much faster than you and has a shot at winning the race for us, you will let him by!! That will help you both save your tyres and package, and give you an advantage in later stages of the race.

    This is a kind reminder. Do not force me to repeat it in the future, unless you look forward towards racing Barrichello in Cart!