Hembery says Lauda moans because his team lost

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has hit back at Niki Lauda, after the famous Austrian lashed out at Pirelli in the wake of the 2013 season opener.

Lauda, the outspoken former triple world champion and now Mercedes chairman, had told Bild newspaper the tyre situation in Formula 1 is “absolutely stupid”.

“90 per cent of the time no one understands what is happening in the races now,” he claimed.

Hembery hit back: “Has Niki forgotten how boring the races used to be?”It’s always the same: we give the teams a new challenge, and if their driver doesn’t win, they complain.”

  • BobMendon

    I happen to agree with Niki on this. Making a part on a car intentionally defective to make the race more exciting is outragous. How about next year, we leave out the engines and make the drivers push the car!

  • Durptron5000

    He’s just made Hamilton had to change from a 2 stop to 3 because he can’t manage tires for shit. Rosberg was on track for a 2 stop when the electriconic problem hit, but Lauda only wants to see Hamilton succeed anyways.

  • Hammad Nasrullah

    If Niki is right then how come not winning in MGP W01, W02 and W03 is Schumacher’s fault. It is down to the tyres and your which eats the tyres like a cake. If Hamilton also fails then atleast Mercedes would acknowledge that the fault lies in their hierarchy and not in drivers

  • Apex Assassin

    Lol, if it was just one team and I had about 50 less IQ points I could agree with Hembrey. But it’s not and I don’t.

    Pirelli’s are just awful, the plan is awful, the spectacle is awful, and anyone who disagrees and says the tyres make f1 better is child who doesn’t spend money, much less ever driven, and has much to learn about the definition of “pinnacle”.

    Between the DRS and Pirelli, I am thoroughly disgusted. Again.

  • Odd Lord

    I agree with Hembery, this Lauda should have been dead in his freak accident many years ago.. it is a dumb, self-centred idiot who thinks he has the absolute wisdom.. though he is very wrong, he is one of the most brainless figures in F1 to date, and i really cannot grasp why MB attracted this moron to be part of the team…

  • assad

    why is lauda such a powerful figure in f1? I do not understand how one man can harness so much power at his age is totally beyond me. After his ill fated Jaguar f1 days and now to the merc leader of some sort wth,

  • Kimi4WDC

    By the time Lewis did his second stop, team should have had enough evidence that you MUST NOT push your tires right after pit stop or you destroy them, this is exactly what Lewis and Fernando did.

    Mercedes fault.