Hamilton: It’s nice to prove people wrong, particularly all the ex-drivers

Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne

Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne

Lewis Hamilton has admitted he is happy to have proved people wrong after leaving McLaren, as he enjoyed a satisfactory debut for the Silver Arrows while his former team were the surprise disappointment of the season opener.

Many critics rounded on the 2008 Formula world champion when he announced his decision to leave McLaren, an established top team, for the recently underperforming Mercedes in 2013 and beyond.

But Hamilton’s new W04 looked competitive in winter testing and then in Melbourne last weekend, while the 2013 McLaren is struggling.

“Lewis Hamilton recently acquired a dog and so, it seems, has (Jenson) Button; only Button is driving his,” wrote Guardian correspondent Paul Weaver.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton battled at the sharp end of proceedings in Melbourne

Hamilton cannot hide his joy at the situation, aiming fire at his critics including Sirs Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart: “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“It’s nice to prove people wrong,” admitted the 28-year-old after touching down in Malaysia. “It has been everyone (criticising), particularly all the ex-drivers commenting that it was the worst decision ever.

“The team (Mercedes) have done well, I’m really proud of my team. I’m proud of my decision as well,” added Hamilton who moved to the Stuttgart owned team for a deal reputed to be worth around $100-miilion over the next three years.

  • Roni

    Very brave decision. I hope it will pay with a world championship.

  • Hawk

    yeah. very brave.. but it is much too early to say it was the best. from their rep Macca cannot go 3 races with a bad car. wait for Shanghai. last happened in first half of 2009. ignore that freak season of 2011.

  • Speedo

    Lewis seems to be in a better frame of mind. Too many mistakes, reliability issues and incorrect strategy has cost him WDC specially 2007 as a rookie and last year. In 2009 McLaren produced a car 2 seconds of the pace and this year 3 seconds off – Compare Q3 time between Vettel and Jenson. Having said this I hope the Merecs don’t fall off.

  • Speedo

    Yes the Knights did not like Lewis leaving a British team- after all the McLarens have been producing title winning cars from 2009 up to 2013 this year.

  • Not Bernie

    I’ll put my hand up and say I thought it would be a mistake too. But on that one weekend Merc seem quicker than McLaren.

    I did, however, say that McLaren with JB and Perez would be nowhere. They’re further back than they would be with Hamilton (on a good day).

    The season is long and we’ve yet to see what happens when Hamilton brings all the bling-bling pals along with him to a race, or after a few non-finishes because of reliability etc.

  • seeing scarlet

    As soon as Hamilton gets his car dialed in he’ll be flying, and let me reiterate Button, before Brawn-nothing, after Brawn-nothing.

  • al888

    Hats off to him and Merc. However he could be have a little more humility and make these comment later down the road. If it goes pear shaped a few races later he won’t have endeared anyone and have far less sympathy given.

  • Hawk

    I agree.

  • Hristo Itchov

    He’s too quick to open his mouth, they’ve not achieved anything yet. It really depends whether they’ll manage to keep up with the development rate of the top teams. If they don’t, he’s not going to remain so optimistic.