Alonso: Making most of what they have is not one of Red Bull’s virtues

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari pit garage during the Australian GP weekend

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has accused Red Bull of making heavy work of its recent successes in Formula 1, and not making the most with what they have.

The perception in the paddock is that Spaniard Alonso has been punching above his weight with a less than competitive Ferrari, while Sebastian Vettel raced to the last three championships at the wheel of his Adrian Newey-penned car.

El Pais newspaper quotes Alonso as saying: “I’m not asking for a car one second faster than them, but one with which we can fight. Red Bull has won two of their titles in the last race, and that was with a car that was a second faster than the rest. Making the most of what they have is not one of their virtues.”

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa walk past the Red Bull RB9 after Melbourne qualifying

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa walk past the Red Bull RB9 after Melbourne qualifying

“It is usually the same: first and second in qualifying and then something always happening. Sometimes the start, sometimes reliability, sometimes the tyres,” he said in Melbourne after the race.

The Spaniard added, “Red Bull is the quickest car at the moment, first and second in qualifying, first and second in practice, nearly, and then in the race they saw a little bit of degradation but that doesn’t mean that they are not the fastest.”

  • Butterfly

    Alonso is coming down on RBR like a ton of bricks with spikes on them.

    Oh, I like that. :-)

  • Addy

    Forza Ferrari :-D

  • Gilles

    Alonso speaks like that “second a lap faster car” was given to Redbull by someone else. They created it with hard work you jealous spaniard.

  • Adam22

    Fernando you had a chance to change RB’s tyres whilst walking past!

  • Mark

    The development of the cars goes down to Pat Fry and Stefano Dominicali. They have to continue developing the F138, or else it’s gonna be another 2010 2012 scenario wherein Ferrari lost to the bulls by mere points to the championship.

  • Roni

    Ah, this Alosno crying all the time. When Schumacher’s Ferrari was one second faster nobody complained.

  • Sean

    I’m transcribing this from Jake Humphrey at Autosport 2013, but I think that this is a good point:

    “I think Sebastian Vettel is one of the greatest drivers to ever drive an F1 car, and it’s rubbish to say that ‘Oh, he’s been in the best car so it doesn’t matter’. He wasn’t in the best car when he won the title in 2010, and he went into that last race with Fernando Alonso as the man who should have won that race. Yes, last year he was in the best car, and guess what, he dominated. Mark Webber didn’t dominate, did he?

    And then, the year that we’ve just seen, Fernando Alonso pushed him all the way. Do you know what the best car was this year? The McLaren. It wasn’t the Red Bull.The McLaren was the better car in Formula 1 in 2012… and only when we retires, only in 20-30 years will we all look back and say ‘Man, that was an amazing period, that guy was 23 and he won a triple world championship with the same team’… No one questions Sir Jackie Stewart, he won his championships with Tyrrell, no one questions Michael Schumacher… her won his championships with Ferrari. He wasn’t a weak driver, he was one of the greats as well.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, but people thought Schumacher was on the same level as the car underneath him, something which can’t be said about Vettel.

    The perception about this guy is that he’s not good enough for those cars he’s been driving over the years.

    Nobody would complain if it were Alonso, Hamilton, or Raikkonen in those RBx cars.

  • Harper

    Nothing new. It’s a new WDC season and the gamesmanship begins.

    It is clear that Alonso knows he cant out-race Vettel with his racing “talent” alone, so psyche tactics are deployed. Unlike Kimi or Vettel, Alonso has never won on his racing talent alone, his ex-manager used to do the dirty work for him. Perhaps that’s why we saw no more WDC titles from Alonso after the guy was banned from F1 for life. (The life ban has recently been lifted tho)

    Last year’s “theme” was ” i am racing Newey”, Vettel can only win from front and in the quickest car. Hmmm, wonder what this year’s “theme” will be…..

  • Harper

    Nothing new. It’s a new WDC season and the gamesmanship begins.

    Alonso knows that he cannot out-race Vettel, so he must resort to psyche tactics. In fact, unlike Kimi or Vettel, Alonso has never won a WDC title with his racing talent alone, gamesmanship has always been part of the mix. His ex-manger used to do all the dirty work for him, perhaps that’s why no WDC title has been forthcoming after the guy was banned from F1 (but life ban was recently lifted).

    The “theme” for 2012 was “i am racing Newey” and Vettel has the fastest car. Hmmm, wonder what this season’s “theme” will be.

  • Butterfly


  • Nowhereman

    Alonso is not playing the gamesmenship thing, he is just telling it like it is.
    Some of you fools can’t see farther than your nose.
    Equal cars, Alonso will win almost everytime.
    He doesn’t need an equal car to win as you saw last weekend.
    Newey will come up some some brilliant gimick soon enough and Ferrari will come up with some also.
    This whole season will be about the tires and tire management.
    Lotus has the tire thing under control and RB does not.
    Ferrari will have it under control this coming weekend as they are very focused on data gathering knowing it’s a long season.
    Bottom line, Vettel is a great driverl but, Alonso is the best driver.

  • Ventana

    This is something i really don’t like about Alonso. Why is he always blaming the pace of Redbull !!
    Alonso is one of the best drivers in F1 for sure, but this kind of comments are not really working.. Lewis was quicker than him in 2007, when both raced for McLaren. My dear Alonso, u are really lucky, bcoz Lewis didnt jump to Ferrari this year !!

    To me Kimi, Lewis, Alonso and Vettel are the best.

    Among them, its Kimi who always shows character. Never giving any such stupid comments against any rival teams or drivers. After winning the last race, Kimi just said he felt the car was strong then, and had a good strategy with its tyres. He didnt tell he was a Superman to win with a Lotus, who were 7th and 8th on starting grid.

    Imagine if it was Alonso.. Last year, Ferrari were good in some races where Alonso was strong. Fastest laps indicate that. Both the Ferrari drivers are among top 6 in fastest laps most of the times. Still Alonso used to remind all others again and again how bad his car was.

    Dear Alonso.. if you still have complaints, why cant you go and join Redbull team. :)

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    Interesting. Alonso is so obsessed with impressing upon the world that Red Bull is the superior car, that he is now making the case that when it isn’t, it’s Red Bulls fault for not using its superiority fully? That’s borderline psychotic. Red Bull focuses a lot of effort on Q3 results. Ferrari obviously does not. Alonso wants us all to believe that means he is the hero battling the evil bull with the inferior machine – when it is simply a strategic choice and nothing more. Meanwhile, his obsession with Red Bull is really pathetic.

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    Alonso is so obsessed with impressing upon the world that Red Bull is the superior car, that he is now making the case that when it isn’t, it’s Red Bulls fault for not using its superiority fully? That’s borderline psychotic. Alonso is one of a few current great drivers on the grid, driven as much by his anger and desire to be seen as the alpha dog, as Kimi is by his desire to be left alone, Hamilton’s lust for brand recognition and Vettel’s committed focus. Since there is no way to put them all in perfectly equal cars suited to each of their driving styles, the idea that one or the other is superior to the rest, aided or hobbled by the cars they drive, is just silly argument for arguments sake and nothing more. Alonso loves to play this game for his loyal fans, as it sells Alonso?Ferrari merchandise.

  • Flash Flaherity of the Long Ski

    My deepest apologies for the multiple posts. A tech glitch on my end.

  • Roni

    Its a shame that allready on the first race Alonso is complaining. So all the teams must make a bad car so that he will be abble to win?

  • Not Bernie

    Last few races of 2012 even Ferrari were giving Massa a quicker car than Alonso got. On Sunday we once again seen how Massa got a quicker car and qualified better than Alonso.

    In truth there were times last year when the Ferrari was the quickest car but Alonso isn’t the world’s best driver and couldn’t take full advantage of it. He is, without doubt above average, but he’s no Hamilton, no Kimi and no Vettel. I’d even stab that Webber and Button would give him a run.

    This is little more than the alpha gorilla running around beating his chest trying to convince everybody that he’s No. 1. Once you look at it, and study it, you realise that’s simply not the case.

  • fools

    Alonso haters need a slap in the face. He isnt crying. Where are his tears then? Alonso out raced Vettel and Webber in Melbourne. He is telling you the truth about RedBulls ways. Why is that difficult to accept for you haters? Alonso equals 10 plus comments on 1 article but none of you read the article because it had more then 1 paragraph. So you haters decide to type a comment with useless hater knowledge. :)

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC+

  • seeing scarlet

    Doesn’t really sound like Alonso’s complaining, sounds more like he’s trying to inadvertently tell RBR his opinion on their strategy, RBR does have the fastest car, they just weren’t ready for the softer tires, like everyone else. Those s-soft tires are supposed to be the best grippiest tires they make, supposed to be able to make the ultimate fastest times on the track. Not degrade after 5 laps.

  • fools

    @harper you sound like an ignorant fool with your statement. Did you happen to catch the race last weekend? Did you not see Alonso pass up Vettel. Did you see how he put a 10 second gap between him and Vettel? Did you see Alonso get 2nd place with the 3 stop strategy? Apparently your a finger boy fan. But wheel to wheel Alonso wins.

  • fools

    @Not Bernie.

    So 2 WDC’s which is 1 more then LH and Kimi that you mentioned is NOT hailed great enough for you? Yet in the 2/3 last years was title contending with Ferrari? It is very interesting you are that ignorant to say such. I now understand how stupid the majority of F1 fans there are that us real fans face.

    Please read the article before typing an ignorant comment.

  • Not Bernie

    You need to learn some manners.

    Alonso’s championships were won when Renault had the best car and tyre package.

    Ferrari and McLaren in those years weren’t able to mount a sufficent challenge. Do you remember the tyres in 2005? Ferrari had the best car but just couldn’t do anything with it running on Bridgestones, except for the USA race.

    It was also those years when Alonso won his championships, 2005 and 2007, that Renault used the mass damper, which was deemed illegal. They had a proven illegal advantage.

    The very next year Alonso couldn’t beat a rookie.

  • Forza Ferrari

    All I have to say is…Forza Ferrari & Gooo Alonso!!! Let’s go get both titles in style and make all the haters cry and whine even more! :)

  • Alonso_is_slow

    …Alonso still sour about being beaten on track for 3 consecutive years….but too late…Vettel has better stats than him….crying is useless

  • Mark

    This guy thinks that second per lap is magic. What about actually helping your team to develop a car to fight with? Learn something from Michael Schumacher, you rat.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Sean no offence but the Jake Humphrey is a television presenter turned to F1 commentator, he is good but the BBC cant hide its biasness towards the British based teams and their pathological hatred of Fernando Alonso. For the record Ferrari F2012 was behind the McLaren and The RB8 both in pure speed and lap times showed it, with the Ferrari’s pace being unable to capture pole position in the dry, everyone in the paddock agrees with it.Webber is a good driver like button not like Hamilton,kimi or Alonso

    P.S all of this will change when The Justin Bieber of F1 wins a race while starting from below P3 on the grid,and Hopefully it will never happen :)

  • Ventana

    Ya maybe Alonso can win the championship. He is a good driver, one among the bests. But what we say here is, why is he always so concerned about Redbulls !!?? I think he talks about Redbulls more than his team Ferrari.

    Learn from other drivers like Kimi, Lewis, Vettel, Button, and allllllllllll…. They all talk about their own teams and about upcoming races and WDC chances. Then we have this guy, Alonso, who talks about Redbulls, Newey’s brain, Redbull’s wings, Redbull’s hidden rocket engine.. and so on..

    If its Kimi who wins the race in Malaysia, he will be talking about Lotus’ tyre management only.

    Alonso is a 2 time WD Champion. Behave like one. Vettel is a talented kid, and as KING KIMI says, “LEAVE HIM ALONE….” :P

  • Techinsane

    One of the biggest issues that I have with Alonso, is that he whines way too much. Red bull, in the last two seasons, have not been as fast /reliable as they were when they first one the Championship. They are still quick but other teams have been catching up, slowly and slowly.

    I think you just have to look at Webbers performance and to a certain degree Vettel’s performances in the last two years to see their pace.

    Alonso, has got a lot of support from Ferrari, Sauber and torro rosso, Perez, has now stated that he was ordered to take care of Alonso, when he comes by when racing on the track. I am sure now that he has left Sauber, the new two drivers will do the same.

    So, Alonso, needs to focus more on working with his team than talking about RB, not that I am saying that he does not work hard with his team but needs to talk less about RB.

    Alonso, is a create driver and one of the best but dude, focus on Ferrari, less talk about RB, please!

  • Techinsane

    I forgot to add that last year Mclaren MP4-27 was the fastest car, not RB.

  • fools

    @not bernie

    “Alonso’s championships were won when Renault had the best car and tyre package.”

    Isn’t that the goal for any F1 team? Obvious much :)
    Alonso for 2 years in a row beat Schumi too. Coincidence?

    Illegal? If it was why wasnt he stripped for his WDC’s exactly!
    I dont hear Schumi calling him a cheat! Yet he beat him 2x’s while in his prime. Alonso won his WDC back 2 back son! 2005 and 2006. 2007 he was with McLaren and he almost won the WDC there too. (tied) Almost every year accept 2008 and 2009 where he didnt win a WDC no was contending for one. Since with Ferrari he has been accept for 2011. Stop your hate for Alonso when your just a upset hes that great and took the life you always wanted.

  • Forza Ferrari


    Stop with that “taking care” nonsense you dimwit! Nobody ordered Perez to “take care” of Alonso. Perez is just butthurt and wants revenge because Ferrari said that he wasn’t good enough for them and didn’t sign him for this season. Last season there wasn’t any race where Perez would’ve “taken care” of Alonso or Massa. Perez was driving in midfield anyway and in Monza it was clear that there aren’t any orders from Ferrari to Sauber when Perez overtook both Ferraris without any hesitation. If he would’ve been under orders then he would’ve just taken his foot off the gas. So all this “taking care” talk is pure bullsh*t without any proof whatsoever. And Toro Rosso works for Red Bull, everybody knows that you fool! Watch the Abu Dhabi race last year when J-E Vergne let Vettel pass him without any fight or resistance. Get your facts straight before posting any stupid comments.

  • Butterfly


    Actually, last year’s MP4-27 was on par with the RB8, but Hamilton got more out of his car than Vettel did.

  • Not Bernie

    Apologies, I made a typo. Alonso of course won his championships back to back in 2005 and 2006 using the mass damper in his car, which was the banned. It was also the years where Bridgestone tyres were terrible and Ferrari started the 2006 season with a fundamental reliability problem in their engine.

    2007 was of course the year that a rookie beat him and Kimi got the championship.

  • Fingerboi

    Whine whine whine whine .. BUUUH

  • Larry Thorne

    “El Pais newspaper quotes Alonso as saying: “I’m not asking for a car one second faster than them, but one with which we can fight. Red Bull has won two of their titles in the last race, and that was with a car that was a second faster than the rest…”

    Can anyone remember what happened in the last race of 2010? How did a car a second faster than the rest help Vettel to secure the title in Abu Dhabi?? I’m glad Vitali Petrov’s race engineer didn’t give Petrov orders in the radio saying “Vitali, Fernando is faster than you”.