Massa role as Ferrari number two appears set to continue

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa leads Fernando Alonso early on in the race

Although impressive and very competitive throughout the Australian Grand Prix weekend, Felipe Massa looks set to remain in a role as Ferrari‘s number two driver’.

The Brazilian was running ahead of highly rated teammate Fernando Alonso in Melbourne until the second round of pitstops, when it was the Spaniard called in for service first.

“Felipe should not be at all happy,” former Renault boss Flavio Briatore is quoted as saying by Italian media.

After the race, in which he finished fourth to Alonso’s second, Massa told Spanish television Antena 3: “Of course you are not happy when you fight to win and you finish fourth.

“It was positive until the second stop. It seemed too early for Fernando but it was the right decision.”

O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper quotes Massa as saying: “There is a degree of frustration, because I was not passed except in the pits.”

And Spain’s El Confidencial quotes him adding: “Yes I was upset when Fernando got ahead of me. That was the only problem of my race, where I lost two positions.”

  • VSingh

    That would demoralise even Alonso had the same happened to him During Race. This sport is completely money minded now. Massa beat Alonso during last 4-5 races in Qualifying of 2012 & started of flyer in 2013 but bad for him Ferrari wants win only with Alonso. Massa Would have won if he would have taken that 2nd Pit stop first. Poor Massa and Rob Smedley – Nothing they can do – Can they?

  • Nowhereman

    Where are all the anti Massa mouths now.
    “Oh he can’t race anymore, he’s washed up”
    Massa will win at least one race this year and probably be the best finisher of the #2 drivers overall and that will give Ferrari the WCC they covet so bad.
    I am going to laugh watching Massa run with the best up at the front all season at the people who downgraded this man.

  • Speedo

    They pay the big bucks so what can Massa do. He was really fast

  • McLarenfan

    How many times can they do this to him before he says no more.

  • Durptron5000

    At the end of the day he allows this to happen to him, he knows full well the situation. I guess maybe the decision he faces is either Ferrari or no F1 at all because of the pay driver norm now and people thinking he’s played out. It’s sad cause he was faster than Alonso all weekend. And he’s practically a world champion losing by one point to Hamilton. He deserves more respect, I would only understand if Alonso was fighting for the title which I know Massa would fully respect but Alonso saying “if Felipe was in the situation I would do the same for him” is complete garbage, for that situation cannot even come to fruition.

  • fools

    Alonso will always play role number 1. Thats why they signed him onto Ferrari. Alonso is much faster then Massa. Massa is no comparison.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Massa has already admitted that the error was his. Alonso himself made the call to come in early NOT the team and Massa declined the same strategy as he felt it was too early. If there were any team orders then wouldn’t he have let Alonso pass him in the first couple of laps instead of staying ahead of him and basically taking away Alonso’s chances of winning? You people just love conspiracy theories don’t you? Here’s something to think about for you…why does Mark Webber always have a disastrously bad start or a mechanical failure as soon as he is too close to Vettel? Ferrari has never deliberately broken Felipe’s car.

  • Gordon

    He should actually be happy that he still has a seat with Ferrari. He was not faster than Alonso in the race – Alonso opened up a 10 sec gap to Vettel, while Vettel open up another 10 sec on Massa.

  • Mike

    @ forza ferrari. ”
    Ferrari has never deliberately broken Felipe’s car” Thats not strictly true is it, dont you remeber austin when they broke the seal on his gearbox to give alonso the position although i adit that alonso was fighting for the title.

    i do agree however that as long as vettle is at red bull webber will never EVER get a look in. Take last year for example. in the first three races mark was clearly faster than vettle but because poor seb didnt like how the car handle and he couldnt use any of his “tricks” they changed the car to how the 2011 model handled and put wbber right out of title contention.

  • Apex Assassin

    Lol @ reading these comments…

    Webber is a joke and has done next to nothing his entire career. If dumb luck didn’t get him into RBR he’d be long gone from F1. He just isn’t great. Those who attack his team and such is just silly sour grapes. I’d have sacked him after his poor decsions in Interlagos, regardless.

    The article is about Massa. I was happy to see his return to form last season and and thrilled that he built on that this year so far. Ferrari’s choice to favour Alonso in the very first race may not sit well with the Paulista and everyone knows Webber only does one year contracts…

    just saying, if I ran RBR I’d have sacked Webber after Interlagos and signed Massa immediately. I’d also give Massa a shitload of money to be a happy #2 driver. Then we can all sit back and watch the records tumble.

  • Forza Ferrari


    They broke the FIA seal on Massa’s car’s gearbox not the car itself. Which was a very clever and right decision by the way. And even all the F1 experts agreed that it was the right decision.

  • carsonen

    @Apex Assassin

    Webber is artificially made to look like a “joke” in Red Bull because otherwise the little spoiled prince would start to cry and whine. I can bet that all the Kers problems and multiple other mechanical problems on Webber’s car have been deliberately induced by the team. Don’t you think it’s a little too weird how all the Kers problems always…ALWAYS hit Webber’s car? Red Bull can keep on blabbering about “equal treatment” but we all know it’s just a load of crap.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … things are so screwed-up at Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo and Stephano Domenicali prefer Fernando finish second, than Felipe to win. So weak a number one driver is Fernando Alonso, Ferrari waste resources trying to figure out newfangled ways to trip-up and slow down Felipe, screwing up his race asunder, to spare Fernando’s vanity, so won’t have to be embarrassed. Things are so hopelessly backward at Ferrari, they prefer Felipe qualifying 14th on the grid, than 4th — asj.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … but for no good reason than Stephano Domenicali, groping to to maintain the current pecking order, what would have otherwise been a Ferrari 1-2, turned out to be a Ferrari 2-4 — asj.

  • Delfino


    I’d like to know what you’re smoking? If I were you I would stop it right now, because it’s clearly damaging your brain. Your comments are just a bundle of epic fail.

  • Carinni

    It is all about money. Ferrari always operate the f1 for sponsor’s money. When Alonso came here with Santander’s money, Kimi’s car became slow all the time, and Massa becomes the no.1. No real fighting in f1 sport. But if Alonso has got so much help from Ferrari and he still failed to beat Massa and needed a such dirty trick to leapfrog Massa at the pit, I agreed that Alonso is not so strong, all we saw that he is the strongest driver is an illusion created by Ferrari for Santander’s money