2013 Formula 1 drivers’ helmets


Here is a collection of the helmets expected to be used by the 22 drivers contesting the 2013 Formula 1 world championship. These are likely to change during the course of the season – Sebastian Vettel is one that has a different helmet design for just about every race, while several have special edition helmets for specific races. We will try keep this page up to date with the F1 driver lids during the course of the season…
2013-helmets 2013-helmets2 2013-helmets3 2013-helmets4 2013-helmets5 2013-helmets6 2013-helmets7 2013-helmets8 2013-helmets9 2013-helmets10 2013-helmets11 2013-helmets12 2013-helmets13 2013-helmets14 2013-helmets15 2013-helmets16 2013-helmets17 2013-helmets18 2013-helmets19 2013-helmets20 2013-helmets21 2013-helmets22 Williams FW35 Launch, Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday 19 February 2013


  • Nemo

    I like Pastors helmet. Reminds me of Evil Knievels

  • Butterfly

    Van der Garde’s helmet is awesome.

  • J Websterr

    Designed by people that forgot to stop taking acid in the 60s

  • Speedboat

    They are all good designs; but sitting on a workbench. When you are trying to follow the race on an ordinary flatscreen TV, and the Director in the van is switching screens every second, and you can’t see more than half the helmet…there’s not enough info. Can’t they just use a simple code designed to be understood in a flash like the old naval signal flags? One or two colors per helmet, larger design elements. Not so fussy.

  • Luthiery

    What were your sources to get Toro Rosso’s helmets?

  • Multirip

    I used to use the helmets to tell teammates apart – but vettel makes that near impossible by changing it every week. Now I use the camera pod colours which just leaves the inboard shots difficult … Perhaps you could show the helmets from that view?

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