Sutil back in F1 cockpit after a year on the sidelines

Adrian Sutil (GER) Force India VJM06.

Adrian Sutil at the wheel of the Force India VJM06 in Barcelona

Adrian Sutil returned to the Formula One cockpit for the first time since 2011 on Thursday but the German may have to wait a while before Force India decide whether the test leads to a racing comeback.

Sutil and Frenchman Jules Bianchi are rivals for the last vacant slot on the starting grid but the Silverstone-based team appeared to be in no hurry to name their second driver even though the season starts in Australia on March 17.

Ferrari-backed Bianchi, the team’s reserve last year, is due to test at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya on Friday although the team say there is no ‘shoot-out’ between the two.

“We’re giving everyone the amount of mileage they need. We’ll try and get all the information we’ve been collecting over to the shareholders this weekend and then it’s their decision,” Force India’s deputy team principal Bob Fernley told Sky Sports television.

Adrian Suti

Adrian Sutil driving to save his F1 career

“We want to make sure that it’s an even playing field for everybody and that, more importantly, they have got the opportunity to get used to the car. Obviously one of them will come through and we don’t want to disadvantage them in any way,” he added.

Teams do not have to confirm their drivers until the week of the opening race.

Sutil, convicted of grievous bodily harm last year, was dropped by the team at the end of the 2011 season to make way for compatriot Nico Hulkenberg, who has now moved on to Sauber.

The test could be the 30-year-old’s last chance of a comeback after he was given a suspended 18-month jail sentence and fined 200,000 euros ($267,400) for a post-Chinese Grand Prix incident in a Shanghai nightclub in April 2011.

The incident left Eric Lux, then chief executive of Renault F1 (now Lotus) team owners Genii Capital, needing stitches for a neck wound caused by a champagne glass. (Reuters)

  • Butterfly

    F-ing retard.

    He’s trying to be humble now that his career is on the edge, but he wasn’t humble when he cut that guy’s neck.

    Should have his superlicense revoked.

  • Patagrande

    waste of petrol

  • Gerard ORourke

    Thats very hard.

    Sutil I believe was an under rated driver, he was certinaly very competent.

    Everyone makes mistakes and it woudl be nice if he managed to get a second chance.

  • Butterfly

    Gerard ORourke:

    Do you even understand the meaning of “cut his neck”? The guy was bleeding like mad, was sure he was going to die.

  • Lol.

    Decent driver but at the end of the day he glassed an executive. Is that the message F1 wants to give out? We encourage that behaviour?

  • pulltheotherone


    “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”

  • Butterfly


    Oh, I see…

  • michaelmacarthurinMaine

    Gerard: Mistake? remember that when someone you know is harmed to the point of possible death. remember that when the person that harms your friend/family member is out of jail and back to making a very good living. Try not to be so hard on that person, as they only made a mistake.