Ferrari 2104 turbo engine development is quite advanced

The turbocharger fitted to the Ferrari 126CK

The turbocharger fitted to the Ferrari 126CK in 1981

Ferrari have revealed that their 2014 trube engine is an advanced state of development with a team dedicated to the project at their Maranello headquraters.

The team’s head of engines and electronics, Luca Marmorini said, “We have a team working on 2014 engines and while we cannot say everything is already set in stone, it’s true to say that the development phase is already quite advanced. It’s just over a year that we’ve had an engine on the dyno. It’s definitely interesting from a technical point of view but there is still a lot of development work to be carried out.”

He added, “It’s a very tight deadline, but we have got an intensive development programme in place and we hope to have a power train that delivers good performance with reliability right from the start of the 2014 season.”

Marmorini explained that the current format engine is very different to the 1000 bhp power plants of the previous F1 turbo era, asying it was “completely different type to the one we saw back in the Eighties.”

As for testing the Ferrari engine guru said, “At the moment, no ruling has been put in place which would allow us to test the new type of engines outside the usual testing limitations. And of course, with the rule change, this new engine will be expected to complete almost double the mileage of the current ones and getting it to run reliably will be a very big task.”


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