Danica Patrick not good enough for F1 claim Lauda and Marko

Daytona 500 pole winner Danica Patrick after qualifying

Daytona 500 pole winner Danica Patrick after qualifying

Danica Patrick has leapt back into the motor racing headlines by becoming the first woman to secure pole for the 2013 Nascar opener at Daytona, invariably speculation about her breaking into Formula 1 has once again emerged in the paddock.

Previously, the highly popular 30-year-old American, who is stealing the show at the pinnacle of US motor sport, has insisted she has little interest in exploring her options in formula one.

But could more doors open now?

Danica Patrick with media

Danica Patrick surrounded by media

Helmut Marko, the outspoken driver manager at world champions Red Bull, questioned Patrick’s credentials to compete in Formula 1.

“You have to look at Danica’s results in the road races,” he said. “It’s not enough.”

Indeed, there are no female drivers among Red Bull’s current flock of young development drivers, whose ultimate aim is to earn a place at the junior team Toro Rosso.

“We are looking for drivers based on performance, not by quota,” Marko insisted.

“For ten years,” said triple world champion and Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda, “I’ve told Bernie Ecclestone he’s dopey for not getting a woman into formula one.

Helmut Marko with Niki Lauda

Helmut Marko with Niki Lauda

“If we could get a woman into the top six, you would immediately have twice as many fans in front of the TV,” he is quoted by Bild newspaper.

Lauda, however, questioned whether Patrick is the right woman for the job.

“It has to be said that the technical level in the US does not compare to the level in formula one. This is also reflected in the drivers,” he said.

“The last American who had success in Europe was Mario Andretti — and that was in my day!” exclaimed the 63-year-old.

World champion Sebastian Vettel added: “First of all, hats off to Danica for her achievements. But motor sport in the US just has a completely different culture.” (GMM)

  • Mark

    Helmut who?

  • Odd Lord

    Ok, this not something new..

    Women just ain’t the best drivers in the wolrd.. all we have to do is look out of our window and see local woman manouvering on public roads.. (yes prejudiced, but notne the less true)

    I live in a Country where -as oppose to my native country- people litterly BUy a licence.. and then it shows that woman don’t have natural ability to drive.

    For (female) amercian in F1.. i relly think most americans just aren’t smart enough for F1. Because F1 requires a bit more then a heavy right foot, big balls, and late breaking, it also requires a proper functioning brain.. some that is common good in th eUSA.

  • Joe

    As much as I dislike Marko, he is right, if you look at her results in Indycar on the road courses, they just were not good. Oval racing is an entirely different discipline and one where it is hard to make the crossover between the two

  • Psych4191

    First off, Odd Lord, you’re a moron. Quite a few Americans could do well in F1. Dale Earnhardt, Tim Richmond, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon just to name a few. Also, what do you base your ignorant opinions on?

    Secondly, Danica is crap. She’s won ONE race her entire career (including lower formulas.), and that was a talent split Fuji GP that she got lucky at. Oval/Road doesn’t matter, she’s crap.

  • Butterfly


    Isn’t Tony Stewart a fat guy?

  • Psych4191


    He’s also 40 something. He’s won in pretty much everything he’s driven.

  • Purnomo Setiawan

    i think Mr Marko had too many Red Bulls…there’s something wrong in his head…..

    you don’t judge other drivers like that….
    It’s not the first time he said like this……


  • Butterfly


    I know he’s been successful, but I doubt he’ll get fit enough to drive a Grand Prix car. Plus, you also got to play the political game, motivate the team, it’s all very complicated in F1.

  • Patagrande

    Helbrute and Lalaland = Beavis and Butt-head

  • Max Smoot

    Smart thing to do is give her a test in a Red Bull and let the paparazzi take pics of her with Bernie, Lauda and Marko. Otherwise, big loss of marketing opportunity.

  • fools

    Marko for once has a point…but isn’t his opinion obvious much?

    Jeff Gordon should of been in F1. He started carting at a young age and has won in many open wheel races.

    Danica also drives into her pit crew. smh, Danica is in NASCAR for PR and to draw more woman fans to support NASCAR for more funding

    Quite obvious.

  • Apex Assassin

    No denying Marko’s logic.

  • pheasant plucker

    Helmut only likes young boys.

  • Nemo

    @ pheasant plucker, LOL

    Re the article: Absolutely, Danica would never be good enough for F1. As much as I enjoy Nascar, its where ex F1 drivers go. Not the other way around

  • NeoGeoH

    Is there a twitter feed i can follow that will just feed me “stupid shit marko says?”