Ferrari rated most powerful brand in the world


Ferrari symbol of power

Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand. And not simply in the opinion of millions of Prancing Horse enthusiasts the world over, indeed, the clients that continue to buy the cars built at Maranello year after year, but according to the annual list compiled by leading brand valuation experts, Brand Finance.

Ferrari fans.

Ferrari fans in the stands at Buddh during the Indian GP weekend

Ferrari took the number one spot of the top five most powerful brands in 2013 ahead of the likes of Google, Coca-Cola, PwC and Hermes on a list that includes the 500 most famous companies in the world. Because of its size, the Maranello company cannot compete with the large multinational brands in terms of overall revenues.

However, its brand rating takes into account other financial metrics, such as net margins, average revenue per customer, and advertising and marketing spend, as well as qualitative parameters, such as brand affection and loyalty.

“It is always a pleasure to top any list and still more so when the competition includes some of the world’s most famous companies. This achievement proves that even in very tough economic times, Italy can still offer the world businesses of excellence,” commented Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. “Behind this acknowledgement are exceptional products made by equally exceptional men and women. They made it possible and for that I thank them.” (Ferrari)

  • Forza Ferrari

    No surprise there. Ferrari is simply the best in every way! And the enthusiasm and love for Ferrari by the millions of Tifosi around the world will last forever. Proud to be a Ferrari fan!

    Forza Ferrari!!!

  • Kimi4WDC

    Sucks that Ferrari got a man in charge who got no idea what he is doing, hence why they can’t capitalise on that brand.

  • Butterfly

    I don’t know, they’re making plenty of cash, aren’t they?

  • Forza Ferrari


    What are you talking about LOL? Ferrari is doing better than ever. The car sales numbers increase each year and every aspect of Ferrari brand is going only in positive direction. Luca di Montezemolo has done a really good job, saying otherwise would be just crazy.

  • Ankit

    Talk about “Horse Power” ;) haha