Pirelli surprises F1 with tyre choices for early race

Pirelli 2013 F1 tyres selection

Pirelli 2013 F1 tyres selection

Pirelli has surprised the Formula 1 world by revealing an aggressive selection of tyre compounds for the start of the 2013 season, which is likely to spice up strategy options.

The big surprise is the choice for the Melbourne opener, as Pirelli opts to supply to teams the ‘supersoft’ and ‘medium’ compounds.

“These (supersoft) tyres offer great grip, but have a short life,” noted O Estado de S.Paulo correspondent Livio Oricchio.

Indeed, this is the “first time that Pirelli has nominated the softest compound” for Australia, the Italian marque announced.

Last year, Pirelli supplied the soft and the medium compounds to teams in Australia.

“The full step in the compound choice should ensure a performance gap between the cars that allows strategy to come into play,” added Pirelli in a media statement.

There is also an all-new selection for April’s Bahrain grand prix; the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ compounds, compared to the 2012 selection of soft and medium.

Paul Hembery said the idea is to shake up the team’s growing knowledge of Pirelli’s tyres.

“We found that by about the middle of last season, the teams had adjusted almost a little too well to our compounds,” said Pirelli’s motor sport director.

“So, in close consultation with the FIA, we have made the task more difficult,” he is quoted by Speed Week. (GMM)


  • James

    Oh, so you want to make the task more difficult? Why don’t you choose supersoft and soft for Sepang then?

  • proflagger

    Tires were the critical factor in 2012, The season was marked by who could preserve their tires the best.
    Pirelli needs to produce a tire that would last, so the boys could go all out- ba!!s out racing, & not tip-toe around the track.

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