Red Bull secret is to give Newey what he wants

Christian Horner with Adrian Newey

Christian Horner with Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey has revealed a secret of his success at Red Bull — the team lets him get on with the job of designing formula one cars in peace.

“For me, here it’s ideal,” he is quoted by Speed Week. “I want to manage as little as possible, and spend as much time as possible thinking about the car.”

“At Red Bull that’s fundamentally different than when I was with McLaren,” the Briton added.

Newey, however, acknowledges that he would have enjoyed some more time to stew over the RB9; the new Red Bull with which Sebastian Vettel will charge for an ultra-rare fourth consecutive drivers’ title.

Newey admits it is a “small miracle” that the RB9 was able to be unveiled at all this week at Jerez, due to Red Bull having to push last year’s development right to the end of the title charge.

“This is also one of the reasons why the RB9 is an evolution,” he acknowledged.

Finally, Newey gave a sobering analysis of the amount of input Vettel and his experienced teammate Mark Webber have in the design of a new car.

“Not so much,” he smiled. “Basically, we know by now exactly what Seb and Mark want from a racing car.” (GMM)

  • McLarenfan

    If it were down to Marko there would be only 1 drivers position taken in to consideration. Newey creates master pieces but this car looks hideous.

  • fools

    Newey seems to confirm that there needs are recognized however Newey demands the design and answers to what he thinks is best for the development and not his drivers inputs other then what they need. That is how I interpreted the article.

    How much input are RB drivers giving Newey if he already knows what they want? To me, a drivers continuous input on his expectation and needs should always be recognized or and applied for better results and not just going by:

    “Basically, we know by now exactly what Seb and Mark want from a racing car.”

  • Hawk

    Wrong interpretation. It’s not about the drivers. It’s about interference from despots aka Whitmarsh and Dennis. No one is bigger than the team Ferguson BS. Everything is for the team. So where does the team stop and individuals start?