Dramatic Ferrari debut for De la Rosa as F138 catches fire

Pedro De La Rosa

Pedro de la Rosa tends to the burning Ferrari F138

It was a dramatic Ferrari debut for veteran Pedro e la Rosa when, after two installation laps, he was forced to park the F138 due to a fire under the engine cover on the fourth and final day of Formula 1 testing at Jerez.

Ferrari wrote on Twitter: “Difficult start of the day for De La Rosa: F138 stopped on track after the second installation lap.”

The incident took place just over an hour into the morning session.

On 16 January 2013, de la Rosa was announced as the Ferrari development and reserve driver for the 2013 Formula 1 season.


  • paul

    I am sure the fire must have been a result of the hot laps Felipe had put in.
    He just smoked them.

  • McLarenfan

    Not the best start of the day

  • Forza Ferrari

    Well, I suppose it’s better to have these kind of bugs during pre-season testing than during the season itself. Of course it would’ve been better if something like that wouldn’t have happened at all but you know “sh*t happens” even with the best. Hopefully this was the first and the last such problem of this year.

    Forza Ferrari!!!

  • fools

    Glad to know their was no report of anybody being hurt/injured.

  • McHare

    Was it a 458?

  • weasel

    F*** off retard! The 458 joke is really getting old…that was 3 years ago you moron! Ferrari fixed that problem 3 years ago, end of story. Go drive your POS Hyundai and just stfu clown!

  • The Fuzz

    @weasel – Outstanding reaction weasel! You must own a 458 then. Well a poster of one anyway that you position over your bed for pleasuring purposes.

  • Tony

    You’re not only very rude but very your wrong Weasel.. 458’s still catch fire as soon as look at them. Check this out if you don’t believe me.

  • Tony
  • Tony


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  • McHare

    Makes posting on here worth while when you get a catch like that. Thanks Weasel you’ve made my day lol

  • weasel

    @McHare, The Fuzz, Tony, Lol

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  • weasel

    I’m sorry for being such a jerk everybody. It’s not so easy with no friends or anybody in my life.
    What all this has taught me is that the 458 really does still catch fire but as I don’t and never will own one, why should I get upset!

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    I’ve been commenting on this website for over a year so believe me, I’m not impersonating anybody; I just find it incredible that someone like you can honestly call somebody else a retard. It’s hypocritical, as well as factually erroneous.

  • weasel

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  • McHare

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